Check if you were not born to be an astronaut with this online SpaceX simulator used by NASA itself


If you were looking for a challenge and you want to test your skills, you can take advantage of this online simulator programmed by SpaceX engineers in which you have to dock to the International Space Station.

Its name is ISS Docking Simulator and it offers you a way to familiarize yourself with the controls NASA astronauts use to manually pilot the SpaceX Dragon 2 vehicle. It’s like a video game, albeit more difficult than average, and completely realistically replicates the process.

Patience and precision

Iss Docking Simulator

They are the two main virtues that the simulator tells you that you must have in order to dock the ship successfully. The simulator will show you different values ​​on the screen and you will have to make all your numbers look green, that is to say, that they are below 0.2.

For this you have rotation controls (they appear on the right and you can control with the keyboard arrows) that allow you to correctly orient the vehicle to be able to dock. You also have position controls (they appear on the left and you control them with WASD).

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After several attempts … T_T

On the left you also have speed controls, the “-” or “Q” allows you to brake, and the “+” or “E” allow you to accelerate. The slightest pulsation causes the rotation, inclination or position to vary significantly, so they tell you that all controls require small, precise movementsIf you go too fast you crash into the space station, and if you go too far you also fail.

The simulator has been online for a while and a short YouTube search returns lots of results from different people doing “speedruns” trying to couple as fast as possible, and the truth is that it is not simple.


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