Chidambaram lashed out at the government, India is such a unique parliamentary democracy – where questions are not allowed

Parliament Monsoon Session: Congress leader and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram (P Chidambaram) once again attacked the central government. Chidambaram said that India is such a unique parliamentary democracy where no questions are asked and there is no debate. Chidambaram (P Chidambaram) made this remark after not letting the party speak in the Lok Sabha on the issue of deadlock in Ladakh. Angry over not allowing the Congress to speak after Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement on the deadlock on the border with China in East Ladakh, Congress members staged a Lok Sabha walkout and the Mahatma Gandhi statue in the Parliament House complex Gathered in front of and protested. Also Read – Kangana’s counterattack on Jaya’s statement, ‘If your son also got hanged and your daughter too in teenage …’

Chidambaram tweeted, “Today India is such a unique parliamentary democracy where no questions can be asked and where debate is not allowed.” On the statement of the central government that the figures of migrants who lost their lives during lockdown are not available. Attacked also.

The senior leader said in a series of tweets, “Today India is such a unique country where there is no data on the death of migrants who have traveled long distances to their homes or their deaths after reaching home.” Former Finance Minister Govt. Also targeted for the economic situation of the country.

Chidambaram tweeted, “India today is a unique economy where transfer of cash or grain up to 1.7 percent of GDP is considered as ‘adequate fiscal stimulus’.” India today is a miracle nation, where it has changed from ‘Fastest growing economy’ to ‘Fastest sinking growth’ economy in 3 months.

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