China is laying optical fiber in Ladakh, know why it is a matter of concern for India

India China Border Dispute: A new report has come in the midst of ongoing tension over the LAC, which has increased the concern of the Indian government and the army. This report claimed that China is laying an optical fiber network in the eastern Ladakh region near the Pangong Tso lake adjacent to the LAC. This action of China has increased the concern. On the one hand, a phase of high level dialogue is going on to reduce the tension on the LAC, on the other hand, this act of the neighboring country can shock the efforts of tensions between the two countries. Also Read – How Indian soldiers are stronger than Chinese soldiers, LAC’s status improved in this way

Snowfall has already started in Ladakh, one of the world’s most inaccessible areas. News agency Reuters has published a report about this. He has quoted high officials of the government as saying that optical fiber cable has been seen near LAC. With this, the Chinese army on LAC will get the benefit of high speed internet and it will enable them to communicate faster. Government agencies have previously warned about this action of China. Also Read – Discussion in Lok Sabha on opposition demand, deadlock on LAC and economic situation

Actually, communication via optical fiber is more secure than radio message. In such a situation, it is being speculated that the purpose of China laying optic fiber to the LAC is to make confidential communication with its army more secure. Also Read – China builds military base near Finger-5 of Pangong Lake, Indian Army movement stops ahead of Finger-4

Significantly, the army of the two countries are face to face in many places on LAC including Pangong Taso Lake. To reduce this tension, the foreign ministers of the two countries had held talks recently, but no effect has been shown on the ground so far.

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