China spies PM, President and royal family, data stolen from thousands of people of India and UK

new Delhi: Not only its neighbor from China but the whole world is upset. Whether China’s business check book diplomacy or the spying by Chinese companies on citizens of other countries. China’s technology companies do the work of gathering people’s data and the companies provide that data to the Chinese government. Although Chinese companies have been denying this, countries around the world have been rejecting this thing outright. Meanwhile, another case of China has emerged from Britain. Here 40 thousand people have been spied by a Chinese company. The royal family of Britain is also included in this 40 thousand. Also Read – Goodbye Pranab da: Prime Minister and President arrived in last farewell, other celebrities were also present, see emotional photos

On Monday morning, it was revealed that China is monitoring 10,000 people of India. It includes both the Indian Prime Minister and the President. Something similar has now come to light from Britain. In Britain, 40 thousand people have been spied by China and their data has been prepared. The British newspaper The Telegraph has claimed in its report that the Chinese government is using this data to use its intelligence system. The data of 40,000 people has been stolen by the Chinese company. Also Read – Redmi Note 9 Pro Sale: Redmi’s new phone will be sold online today, learn features and prices

Let us know that in this report, the data of many famous personalities of Britain, such as politicians, actors, businessmen, etc. has been stolen. But most important of all, the Prime Minister Boris Jonsson and the royal family have also been spied on. Not only this, the Chinese company has also prepared the data of criminals. In Britain, no one knows when the data is being collected by the Chinese company. Also Read – Former President Pranab Mukherjee in critical condition, head injury in 2007 road accident

On the other hand, if we talk about India, here also a shocking revelation has been revealed on Monday morning. In a report here, the English newspaper Indian Express claimed that a Chinese company spied 10,000 people, including the President, Prime Minister and dozens of cabinet ministers and chief ministers, former army chiefs, judges, Bollywood actors, and sportspersons. In this case, after this case came out, this matter was raised in the Lok Sabha. It is being told that China Company will share this data with seven of the PLA. Let me tell you that over 100 mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government so far for data theft. Because it was being said that these Chinese app companies are not safe. In such a situation, after the ban, now the tricks of China are being disclosed one by one.

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