China’s new tactic, new military structure remained with LAC under the pretext of negotiation

There has been tension between India and China over LAC for a long time. In such a situation, talks are being held between the two armies to reduce tension on the border. Meanwhile, China is engaged in changing the base of troops by creating new structures in Aksai Chin and Xinjiang. It is clear that China is not in a mood to retreat from the LAC this winter. Also Read – Indian Army returned its troops to China amidst escalation over LAC, was caught near Ladakh border

According to Indian military officers, they have been given notice of construction of huge structures equal to about 4 football fields. This area is 10 km from LAC in Aksai Chin. China is hiding its weapons and vehicles in Xinjiang. Changes in military positions by Chinese troops within 92 kilometers of the area of ​​Aksa Chin have been observed by Indian soldiers. Also Read – India-China War News: Today’s date is very important in Indo-China border dispute, know why?

A large number of Chinese soldiers and their vehicles have also been seen in Tibet area. Chinese troops are engaged in road construction between Hota and Kanashiwar in Xinjiang, 166 km from LAC. So that in any emergency, the army has an alternative route for logistics supply with the army. Please tell that supplies are being delivered to the troops stationed on standoff with Y-20 aircraft at Houston Airbase. Also Read – India-China Border Standoff: Chinese soldier enters Indian border, apprehended

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