Chip shortage forces Canon to teach customers how to skip checking an original ink cartridge


In a very interesting turn of events caused by the semiconductor crisis that affected the world two years ago, the Japanese company Canon had no choice but to start sell toner cartridges without the chips they usually include to detect ink levels, and that also serve to verify that the product is original.

The consequence of this is that the company is having to teach customers to skip the checks that a cartridge is brand approved. Canon has explained that, at least until the normal supply of semiconductors resumes, they will be offering the cartridges in this way so that customers “can enjoy a continuous supply of consumables.”

Canon All-in-One Printer Users Are Receiving Emails With Instructions

While Canon indicates that there should be no negative impact on the quality of the printDue to the missing electronics in the new cartridges, features such as the printer’s ability to detect ink levels may be affected.

Canon has posted a list of affected models on its support page, along with instructions on what to do to continue using your machine if the Canon software cannot recognize the cartridge as genuine.

Interim Toner Screenshot 1

Canon warning message stating that the ink cartridge is not working or is not genuine

Buying a liter of printer ink in 2020 costs you more than a liter of luxury perfume

The company explains on its support page that there can be three types of messages when you replace a cartridge with one that does not have a chip. The first case (image above) will only show a warning message and the option to close the window.

Image 2 Chiplesstoner

Other non-original product warning message

In a second scenario, the message can directly indicate that it is a non-original product. The recommendation is to click “I Agree” or “Agree” to continue using the cartridge without problem.

They also point out that ink level information may not be correct, and may even change suddenly from 100 to 0%. The only recommendation they offer in this case is to change the cartridge for a new one …

This last detail is perhaps the one that bothers users the most, since we know that buying a liter of printer ink costs more than a liter of luxury perfume, and It will not be any fun when a cartridge that still has the very valuable ink says that it is empty before its time..


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