Chris Evans was “robbed” by his fellow Avengers for the cover of the sexiest man in the world


Captain America star Chris Evans was recently crowned the Sexiest Man Alive… but his fellow Avengers weren’t impressed.

During an interview with Variety, actor Chris Hemsworth revealed that the talk with his group of Avengers “robbed” Evans for his appearance on the cover of People magazine.

“It was quickly like, ‘What are you doing with your hands back there?'” Hemsworth said. “[Robert Downey Jr.] he said he was being arrested. I said it was a nice photo. Then Jeremy Renner said a number of things that I’m not going to repeat.”

The image of Evans leaning against a wall with his hands behind his back appeared on the cover of People magazine to coincide with the announcement that he is officially the sexiest man alive of 2022. “My mother will be very happy,” Evans said at the time. “She’s proud of everything I do, but this is something she can really brag about.”

evidently, the Marvel team had other ideas. Avengers group talk includes the original six Avengers who came together for the 2012 movie: Hemsworth as Thor, Downey Jr as Iron Man, Evans as Captain America, Renner as Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Hemsworth explained that Renner kept up the “dirty” talk, while he himself felt that Evans winning sexiest man was a moment to pass the torch, having himself garnered the coveted award in 2014. “It’s really a sexy man,” Hemsworth said. “So well done, you know? Say thank you to your parents.”

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People’s Sexiest Man Alive has been a regular annual since 1985, and last year the award relapsed in another Avenger, Paul Rudd.

Evans recently played the original Buzz Lightyear in Disney’s animated film Lightyear and is set to appear opposite Dwayne Johnson next year in the upcoming Christmas movie Red One.

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