Chris Noth Talks About The Sexual Assault Claims Against Him


Chris Noth Talks About The Sexual Assault Claims Against Him:

Chris Noth continues to reject the sexual attack claims against him, saying that the only thing he did wrong was cheat on his wife.

“I moved from my wife, as well as it’s terrible to her despite being a very beautiful picture,” Noth tells the newspaper within his first interview about the claims. “What it isn’t, though, is a crime.”

Chris Noth’s Sole Appearance After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault Said That His Only Fault Was Cheating On His Wife:

Chris Noth said within his only appearance since he was accused of sexual abuse that his only mistake was cheating upon his wife. Even though he wants people to think so as well as wants to get back to work, Noth knows that ugly things are still being said about him.

“I cheated on my wife, which is terrible for her and doesn’t look good,” he says. “What it isn’t, though, is a crime.” After going out with Tara Wilson for more than 10 years, Noth married her in 2012.

2 Women Charged The Former Actor Chris Noth For Sexual Assault Within 2021:

That implies they were jointly when the supposed things happened, which he rejects all of. After the scandal, they stayed together and are now parents to two children, ages 3 and 15. Noth said that he had already talked to his elder son regarding what was going on.

Within December 2021, two women charged the former Sex as well as the City star of sexual assault, claiming different events that happened within Los Angeles within 2004 as well as New York in 2015. At the time, Noth said in a statement that the allegations were “categorically false” and that “I didn’t assault these women.”

After That A Third Women Also Stated That Noth Had Sexually Assaulted Her Within 2010:

Then, a third woman said that Noth had sexually assaulted her in 2010 when she was just 18 and was employed at a restaurant in New York City. The star said that what she said was “bad fiction.”

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Later, at a press meeting with attorney Gloria Allred, singer Lisa Gentile said that Noth kissed and touched her even though she told him not to. At the time, he didn’t answer her claims. Now, Noth is talking to the press for the initial time on the record regarding the claims.

Noth claimed that he still stands through his first statement and gave more details about his cheating, saying that he had only had sexual experiences where both people agreed to them.

“You give yourself the exact same reasons that many men do it’s simply a little side dance, as well as it’s fun,” he said.

“You’re not making anyone feel bad. You know that no one will find out about this, as well as sex is just fun. And all of a sudden, many people want to have sex with you. It’s like, “Well, I won’t get another chance like this.”

Chris Noth Was The Face Of Samuelsohn A Business That Makes Custom Suits:

The 68-year-old star has a new job as of today. He is the face of Samuelsohn, a business that makes custom suits and is starting a campaign to bring attention to men’s mental health.

This talk came about because of his part within the campaign, for which he receives clothes instead of cash. Samuelsohn has promised to give money to help guys with their mental health. Mental Health America says that more than 6 million guys in the United States suffer from sadness.

Noth Was Excited To Came Back To Acting:

Noth said that he’s eager to get back to acting, which he had to stop doing after the accusations came out.

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His co-stars on As Well As Just Like That, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Kristin Davis, had already put out a statement within support of the women who accused Noth, so he was cut from the season 1 end of the show.

Later, he wrote on Instagram that the story in the New York Post saying that his fellow AJLT actors enjoyed “iced him out” was “absolute nonsense.”

Noth was additionally dismissed from the CBS show The Equalizer and taken out of a Peloton ad that had to do with the death of his character on the show As Well As Just Like That.

Noth Also Stated That  “I’m Going To Just Lay Down And Say It’s Over”:

“I’m not going to just lay down and say it’s over,” he informed about his job. “It’s an interesting story, but it’s not true. And because of that, I cannot simply state, “Well, that’s it for me.” I do theater. I have other artistic things I want to do.

And I have to take care of my kids. I can’t just sit back and do nothing. So, yes, I have enough money to let a year go by, but I don’t know how to measure as well as judge going back into the club, the business, due to companies are afraid.

Companies And Artist Are Afraid To Work alongside Him:

Noth made it clear that companies and artists are now afraid to work alongside him because of what could happen if they do. ” Individuals feel afraid of everything this,” he said. “Fear is the most important thing when it comes to whether or not they believe it.

I have to just keep going. People are scared, as well as their fear makes them act in bad ways. And I just have to keep going because I’m still artistic.”

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According To National Sexual Violence Resource Center 63% Of Rapes Are Not Reported To Police:

Nobody has been charged with a crime. Not many things are like that. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center says that 63% of rapes aren’t reported to the police. The lawyer for a few of the women, Gloria Allred, didn’t want to say anything for this story.

Even though Noth didn’t want to say anything beyond his initial statement, he now gives more information about the story and its effects for the first time. The women within Los Angeles as well as New York have been making these claims since 2004.

Not A Single Women Filed Any Report In  Opposite Of Noth:

None of the women have made criminal charges against Noth, but he has accused them of trying to get money from him through a civil suit, even though no cases have been filed. “That’s a big money train for a lot of people,” he stated.

He also talked about how getting caught up in these kinds of accusations is a never-ending cycle that you can’t get out of. Noth added, “There’s absolutely nothing I can do to change the minds of anyone when there’s such a wave of support.”

“It sounds like an argument. Not me. There is no court of law. There is no trial for a crime. I have nothing to testify about, nothing to say, and no witnesses to call.

And there are further crazy add-ons that make no sense and have no base in reality. As Well As I dislike talking regarding it as as quickly as I do, the another person will do it, so I do not want my kids to see that.”