Chris Pratt won’t mimic Mario’s Italian accent in his film, but co-producer ensures recognizable winks


Although the cast of voice actors has raised criticism, the producer assures that Mario will have a “phenomenal” nuance.

Super Mario Bros. [Película]

Nintendo has always proven capable of impress your audience, something that has been repeated with the cast of actors who will give life to Mario and company in his film. However, the reactions to this news have been most colorful, as the Big N relies on the voice of actors such as Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy or Jack Black, among others, for the voice of its iconic characters. And now, the film’s producer surprises us with another novelty: the plumber will not have an italian accent.

All I can say is that the voice that [Chris Pratt] is doing for us in Mario is phenomenalChris Meledandri, co-productorAlthough this was one of Mario’s most characteristic keys, as we have heard throughout his adventures, it seems that the film will dispense with his well-known accent in much of history: “We cover [ese acento] in the movie, so you’ll see we definitely wink at that, but not the nuance of acting throughout the film, “explains co-producer Chris Meledandri on TooFab.

Image from Super Mario Bros. [Película]

However, this professional considers that Mario’s voice is fantastic and that, apart from the winks to the Italian accent, it will look great in the film: “All I can say is that the voice that [Chris Pratt] is doing for us in Mario is phenomenal. Yes, I am looking forward to people hearing it. “Therefore, it is reiterated the intention that the public see the movie after the comments that the election of Chris Pratt as Mario has raised.

After all, there are players who think that the voice of the plumber should be interpreted by an italian actor, despite the fact that Charles Martinet, who has given life to Mario in the games, is American. On this issue, the co-producer responds that “Well, as an Italian-American, I understand it. You know, I understand the comments. Charlie Day, who will be playing Luigi, really has Italian heritage. So that’s our wink“.

The Super Mario movie will hit theaters on Christmas, so there is little left to know the performance of Chris Pratt and the other voice actors in the world of the plumber. Pratt is certainly excited for his role in the film, and has already joked on social media about his new job. Be that as it may, Nintendo has already put the world of cinema in the spotlight, so he does not rule out bringing other successful games to the big screen.

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