Chrissy Teigen Said “Therapeutic Ketamine” Inspired Her And John Legend’s House Art Installation


Chrissy Teigen Said “Therapeutic Ketamine” Inspired Her And John Legend’s House Art Installation:

Chrissy Teigen as well as John Legend gave fans a look inside their beautiful Beverly Hills home in the September issue of Architectural Digest. It sounds like the two didn’t shy away from being involved in the planning process.

Within a cover story for the September Style issue of Architectural Digest, the couple gave a tour of their beautiful home and talked about how they fell in love with its light-filled, open layout and peaceful feel.

Legend Stated That His Last Home Was Darker And Close Off Like A Sanctuary:

Legend, 44, said, “Our last house was darker as well as closed off, like a sanctuary.” “We liked how light and airy this place was, so we came here. We love how open and linked to the world it feels. We wanted to make something magical, especially for the kids.”

They got married in 2013 and now have four kids: Luna, Miles, Esti, as well as Wren, who was born in June through a surrogate.

You Can See Home Tour Upon AD’s YouTube Channel:

In a home tour on AD’s YouTube channel, John as well as Chrissy showed off their large living area, which Chrissy called her “Instagram Story Room” because it has a beautiful kitchen, a cozy couch area, and a dining room.

One of the most interesting things about the area, besides the huge olive tree in the middle, is the detailed art work upon the walls over the huge eating table.

The piece, which AD calls a “wall sculpture” through Valéria Nascimento, is made up of tiny ceramic petals that are individually connected to the wall to make two big complex shapes upon each of the different pillars.

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Arnold said, “My challenge was to take this very modern, brand-new house and apply my design philosophy to it to make it warm and comfortable, a version of what I accomplish that speaks directly to their personalities.”

Teigen and Legend were excited to show off some of their favorite sections of the house in a video tour that went with the magazine article. They started alongside the living room, which Teigen joked was her “Instagram Story Room.”

“Everyone’s always like, ‘You never leave the couch,'” she said, referring to a modern, crescent-shaped Pierre Yovanovitch wood sofa that faces a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows with a wide view of the yard and pool.

The living room has a soft biomorphic mohair rug, a hanging light sculpture by Nacho Carbonell, and a drink table by Vincenzo De Cotiis. However, don’t be fooled by the high-end furniture.

“I will say, this was a very kid-proof house,” Teigen said in the video, adding that some of their indoor furniture was even made with outdoor fabrics. “Everyone is afraid to bring their children here.

“No, they’re going to jump upon everything,” they say. I’m like, “Wow, look at this! It’s a mess!” Even though the living room is where the family spends a lot of time together, the kitchen is really the heart of the house.

“This has a fully functional, working kitchen,” Teigen said as she stood in the sleek room with calacatta macchia vecchia marble slab countertops as well as four Miele ovens.

“When we go to other people’s houses, we’re like, ‘Oh my God, you can tell when they aren’t using it. We eat a lot of food from this kitchen.” Legend was also happy to show off the glam music room, where he writes songs and Luna takes piano classes.

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Even the little girl attended her famous father at the piano to watch him play in the video. The former coach on “The Voice” pointed out a handmade Alison Berger chandelier alongside hanging wine glasses that had some of his early record lines etched on them.

In the middle of the movie, Luna’s room is shown to the couple. The light pink and purple room has a hanging couch and a big slide that ends within a ball pit.

“This bedroom is so cool!” The story goes. “We just gave Jake some vague ideas about how we wanted the kids’ rooms to look, and once he came back with drawings of what they were going to look like, I was like, that’s beyond anyone’s wildest dreams of what their bedroom ought to appear like.”

Miles’ room is just as crazy, featuring a Jeep-shaped bunk bed with headlights that work, a “cave” with torches in which he can read a book, as well as a play area with a climbing wall.

Miles Said That Jake Performed An Excellent Job:

“Jake performed an excellent job,” Miles stated while giving the room his cute stamp of approval. The tour also gave people a look at the beautiful garden.

There is an infinity pool with a slide, a wooden play structure for children, an outdoor kitchen, a garden, as well as a lot of yard room for the steady flow of family and friends who come to visit. “That’s just the manner in which we such as it,” Teigen said. “This place is always open.”

In the couple’s main suite, they didn’t have separate bathrooms or closets, which was an interesting choice. Teigen and Legend decided to change the floor plan to share the comforts instead. The “All of Me” singer said, “We like to be together, so the his-and-hers thing seemed silly.”

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“We’re not an old-fashioned Victorian couple that needs to dress separately to show up all put together,” added Teigen.