Christine Baumgartner, The Estranged Wife Of Kevin Costner, Owes $314,113 To Her Divorce Attorneys


Christine Baumgartner, The Estranged Wife Of Kevin Costner, Owes $314,113 To Her Divorce Attorneys:

According to newly acquired court documents, Christine Baumgartner owes $314,113 “for past fees and costs.” If she’s granted the $855,000 she’s already asked from the Yellowstone star, Baumgartner claims she’ll employ the remaining $541,887 to cover future legal expenses as their divorce case continues to linger on.

In the same court documents, which were filed Thursday within Santa Barbara Court, Bumgartner charges Costner of “once more employing insults and inflammatory language” and ignoring “the Family Code mandate that litigation have to be conducted on a level playing field with respect to attorney’s fees and costs.”

She Has Expressed Discontent With Her $40,000-Per-Month Santa Barbara Apartment:

In spite of its spaciousness, acre of land, jacuzzi, and proximity to a forested hiking trail, she expressed dissatisfaction with her $40,000-per-month Santa Barbara rental.

She proclaimed the rental incompatible with her children’s lifestyle and compared her home to Kevin’s estate. Since their breakup earlier this year, the couple who split up has been embroiled in a contentious divorce proceeding.

In May, Christine applied for divorce, citing April 11 as the separation date. In the interim agreement, Kevin was ordered to give his wife $129,000 within child support. After hearing arguments on both parties, the magistrate ruled in favor of the YellowStone actor and reduced the child support from $129,00 to $63,000.

Even Though Kevin Stated In His Statement That He Didn’t Have Any Idea How Much He Was Expenditure, He Was Aware Of His Expenditures:

Baumgartner adds that “in attacking the reasonableness” of her fees, Kevin’s attorneys provide no up-to-date information regarding the fees and costs Kevin has incurred for this case.


In spite of Kevin’s deposition claim that he had no concept how much he was spending, we discovered through documents that he had incurred $644,00 within charges and expenses through the end of July. He spent twice as much as Christine, despite the fact that she is the “out spouse.”

In court documents, the 49-year-old states that her team estimates Costner’s “total expenses from the beginning through the end of the child support hearing are in excess of $850,000,” yet Costner has provided “ZERO information as to how much Kevin has spent upon fees as well as costs since August 1st, or how much they have budgeted” for the upcoming trial.

Baumgartner Has Been Ordered To Receive $63,000 In Child Support From Costner:

Baumgartner initially requested $248,000 per month in order to provide for their three children, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13. At a child-support hearing within California between the months of August and September, her counsel ultimately requested for $161,592.

However, following hearing from both parties, Judge Thomas P. Anderle of Santa Barbara County ordered Costner to make payments of $63,209 per month. That is substantially less than the $75,000 per month in child support that Costner’s attorneys claim he offered Baumgartner within June before the case went to court.

In addition, the “Yellowstone” performer will be responsible for the kid’s medical insurance, private school tuition, and extracurricular expenses such as hunting club dues.

Costner Was Directed To “Advance $200,000 In Attorney’s Fees As Well As $100,000 In Expert Costs” To Baumgartner Through August 1st:

In a court filing dated June 28, Costner stated, “I bird hunt with two of my sons as well as anticipate doing so in the future with my daughter. Christine does not pursue birds, nor does she accompany us as we go hunting.

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According to court documents obtained by Business Insider, Costner was ordered in July to “advance $200,000 within attorney’s fees as well as $100,000 in expert costs” by August 1 to Baumgartner.

“If there is a need for any semblance of equal opportunity with regard to this case,” Baumgartner’s court documents state, “Kevin ought to be ordered by the court to pay Christine’s past and future fees in a lump sum by no later than September 21, 2023.”

However, Bumgartner, whose alimony payments were significantly reduced previously this month, clarifies in her most recent court filings that she will not spend the entire $855,000 on the impending trial.

Christine’s New Montecito, California Rental Home Costs Her $40,000 Per Month:

The court documents state, “They falsely claim that Christine’s request for $855k was ‘just to prepare for the November/December bifurcated trial,’ when actually only a portion of the requested fees are for this purpose.”

Costner’s attorneys alleged in a brief obtained by Insider that in addition to the $300,000 within legal fees that Costner paid Christine within July, she “secretly took” $105,000 from the actor without his “knowledge or consent” to pay her attorneys.

Christine’s new rental property in Montecito, California, which she shares with each of the couple’s three children, costs her $40,000 per month, which is incorporated into Costner’s child-support payments. Approximately $30,000 of the $63,209 he gives Christine every month is anticipated to go toward rent.