Christine Cries Upon The Stand During A Hearing About Child Support, And Her Lawyer Says She Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend


Christine Cries Upon The Stand During A Hearing About Child Support, And Her Lawyer Says She Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend:

Kevin Costner and Christine Costner went to a court meeting in Santa Barbara on Thursday to present evidence in their tense divorce case. It was a hard day for the former handbag designer because she and Kevin Costner disagree about how much child support she is owed.

Yahoo Entertainment has reported that Christine, 49, cried on the stand while talking about how rich she and Kevin used to live.

Someone who knows Christine said that she got upset when she talked about the house on the water in Carpinteria, California, where she as well as Kevin raised all three of their children, Cayden, Hayes, as well as Grace.

Christine Had To Leave The Property, Which Is Worth About $100 Million, According To Estimates:

According to the rules of their 2004 prenuptial agreement, Christine had to leave the property, which is thought to be worth approximately one hundred million dollars. Christine is trying to get the judge to give her more money, and her lawyer says that luxury is “in the DNA” of the children at this point.

Christine is eligible to a $1.5 million payout based on the deal, which she said she felt “pressured” to sign. Last month, she was also given temporary child support of $129,755 per month.

“Kevin has asked for a multi-day hearing on Christine’s request for child support. At this hearing, the Court will hear evidence about Kevin’s gross cash flow accessible for support and expected future income.

Kevin Has Also Asked For A Trial To Find Out If The Deal The Couple Made Before They Got Married Is Legal:

Kevin has also asked for a trial to decide if the couple’s premarital agreement is still valid. “The unconscionability of the agreement will depend on how the terms of the agreement equate to the parties’ current financial situations,” Christine’s lawyer wrote within the request for order.

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In papers made with the court before the hearing, his attorneys said Christine had attacked them in a “relentless ‘jihad'” way. During the hours-long hearings on Thursday, Christine denied being a boyfriend, which Kevin had hinted at in court papers.

Christine’s Lawyers Say That She Wants $161,592 Within Child Support Each Month:

Her lawyer said that the investor Josh Connor, who was seen with Christine as well as the kids on vacation in Hawaii this summer, is just a friend. Christine’s lawyer said in court that Connor did lend her $20,000, but that shouldn’t have any effect on child support.

Christine’s lawyers say that she wants $161,592 within child support each month to keep living the way she and her kids are used to. Christine’s lawyers dropped the amount she was asking for by about $14,000 in court on Thursday. When she first went to court, she was asking for close to $175,000.

But the amount is greater than the $129,755 in temporary child support she was given in July. In papers that Yahoo Entertainment got a hold of, Christine’s lawyers said that all she wants to do is give their kids “a taste of the lifestyle that was made possible through Kevin’s substantial earnings as well as wealth.” It is thought that the Yellowstone Star was worth $400 million.

Yellowstone Gave Kevin More Than $19 Million A Year:

Given Kevin’s pay over the previous two years, Christine’s lawyers came up with the number $161,592. They think he has made over $1.6 million per month, or greater than $19 million per year, from Yellowstone.

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Christine says in papers that she has been the “primary caretaker” of the children for the past 16 years, and that she hasn’t worked outdoors the home since Cayden was born.

As part of their request for an order, Christine’s lawyers sent Kevin’s June 30 answer to their Proposal for the Production of Documents, in which he said he didn’t want to give them the information.

Kevin Has Said That His Decision To Leave Yellowstone Is Hurting His Pay This Year:

“This request is for documents that don’t matter since the parties signed a premarital agreement that limits spousal support and says that all income earned during the marriage is the separate property of the spouse who earned it and there is no community property,” Kevin’s lawyer wrote.

Kevin has said that his income is going down this year because he quit Yellowstone to make and perform in a private western love project.

Christine’s papers say that the actor “refused to answer queries” at an interview about whether he had the chance to star within Yellowstone’s sixth season or chose to walk away.

Melcher Says, “I Think The Court Order Will Amount To Between $75,000 And $100,000 A Month:

Christine says that even if he doesn’t take part in the hit show, he will continue to make a lot of money from it “regardless.” Melcher says, “Kevin is very rich, and they had a great life together, so child support is going to be high.”

“I think the legal order will cost between $75,000 and $80,000 per month.” Melcher says, “She’d have to pay back that $50,000 every month.” “I think she played her cards too well. She really wants everyone to live the same way, even though the law doesn’t call for that.”

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Christine moved out of the beachfront property and into a $40,000-a-month rental in Montecito, where Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah, Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Harry live.

“In the same way, since the kids take expensive vacations with their dad when they’re with him, Kevin should pay enough child assistance to Christine to ensure the kids can take similar vacations when they’re with her.

Melcher Says, “I Believe Kevin Is Trying To Show How Important It Is That She Has Access To Other Funds”:

This is true even if Christine’s life gets better because of the child support payments,” the court papers say. On Friday, the Costners have back in court for the next part of the hearing. Melcher thinks that the judge will probably give a number “on the spot” when the case is over.

“I think Kevin is trying to make it important that she has access to other cash. Melcher says, “I don’t think it matters one bit for this judge if she has a boyfriend or no boyfriend, if she deceived, or if someone gave her $20,000.”

“It appears like it was done to hurt Christine because she said some bad things regarding Kevin shortly afterward in the papers. Both sides have said a lot of angry things.

In a filing before Thursday’s hearing, Kevin’s lawyers allegedly said, “Christine’s relentless ‘jihad’ against Kevin’s character lends a level of animosity to this proceeding which is wholly unnecessary as well as meant to distract from the intellectual exercise at hand.”