Chronicle of Neymar’s injury from the stands: this is how the majority of the Brazilian public found out about the blow by looking at their cell phones

Qatar 2022 – Brazil Vs Serbia – Neymar Injured On The Bench

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The attendance of the Brazilians in the Lusail stadium was almost perfect. As in Argentina-Brazil, more than 88,000 people watched the duel that was left in the hands of the Yellow green by Richarlison’s magnificent double. However, not even the giant screens on the field facilitated the bad news that Tité’s men had on the Qatari night: Neymar’s injury that could sideline him from the next World Cup matches.

Although there were a majority of local fans and those from countries surrounding Qatar, who filled each of the stands with yellow jerseys, some real torcedores who arrived from Brazil sang their classic songs early on. There was samba to the rhythm of the five-time champion, one of the most used terms. Even at the beginning of the duel against the Serbs, the controversial “A thousand goals, a thousand goals, a thousand goals… only Pelé, only Pelé. Maradona smeller!” (A thousand goals, a thousand goals, a thousand goals, only Pelé, only Pelé, drug addicted Maradona).

Concern and uncertainty reigned once the Iranian referee Alireza Faghani whistled the end of the first 45 minutes and, a discreet Brazil with little associated play, went to the locker room goalless. The merriment died down in Lusail and the Europeans were the ones who took the baton in the stands: although they were in the majority, they roared loudly and generated echoes from all four sides. In the plugin, everything was changed.

The Brazilian torcedores with the figure of their star in the stands of Lusail (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli)
The Brazilian torcedores with the figure of their star in the stands of Lusail (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli)

Brazil was a steamroller and took its rival over the top. The Brazilian fans became emboldened to the beat of their own and it did not take them long to transform the gestures, gestures and cries of lament for the goals they had missed, to the celebration of the 1-0 victory by the platinum-platinum attacker of English Tottenham. And what to say about the second, which is surely one of the best in the World Cup!

But things got – or rather, persisted, because the Serbs resorted to rough play throughout almost the entire match – rough and the coach of the Canarinha He took Neymar off the field. With 10 minutes left to go, Antony replaced him and, until then, it seemed to be a tactical modification to film a rookie soccer player in the World Cups and at the same time the opportune rest for his great figure. Soon the images on TV showed that something was wrong: Ney came out with glassy eyes and a battered right ankle. After the match, he limped off and with significant swelling in the area. He crossed the mixed zone listening to music, wearing stockings and flip flops.

Many Brazilian fans found out about Neymar's injury returning by metro or bus in Doha (REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)
Many Brazilian fans found out about Neymar’s injury returning by metro or bus in Doha (REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)

Probably the most curious thing of the night was the return of the Brazilians on the metros and buses, between the joy for the triumphant debut and the disappointment at the chance of losing their number 10 for the next commitments (Monday 28/ 11 against Switzerland and Friday 2/12 against Cameroon). Scratch supporters found out via cell phone, from photos, videos, social networks and news reports that Neymar had been injured and his replacement was not simply a tactical matter.

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After some sly mockery of a couple of Argentines who dared to wear an Argentine shirt and jacket between the green and yellow tide through the ironic question “which team did you support today?” (for whom did they support today?), the faces began to deform and some insult was even heard: “Holy shit, I hurt Neymar”. (p… who gave birth to him, Neymar got hurt). Unfortunately for Brazil, the party did not go well at its World Cup debut in Qatar.

This is how Neymar retired after going through the locker room hours after the game against Serbia


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