Chucky Loves To Spray Blood All Over The White House In Season 3


Chucky Loves To Spray Blood All Over The White House In Season 3:

Chucky is back, and if you’ve seen any of the marketing for season three, you know that he’s taken advantage of real-life national fears by getting into the White House.

But what makes him do it? Without giving anything away, the first part of Chucky’s new season is not what you might think.

There is no other scary show like Chucky on TV. Think about how many killer stories have been told in more than one movie and now in more than one season of TV?

Chucky Is One Of Those Rare Gifts That Just Keeps Getting Better Over Time:

In a world where sequels to famous horror movies can feel mindless and painful, Chucky is a rare present that keeps upon giving because it continues to get better over time.

It breaks its own rules at every turn but never gets so caught up in itself that it forgets that it’s a bloody good time. It feels such as one of those shows that could go on for ten seasons and never get old.

The crazy doll first seen in the famous movie Child’s Play remains fun to play with as long as it continues to evolve and finding new places and situations to explore.

We Were Given Four Episodes To Look Over:

Just keep an eye on your neck, or soon your insides will be on the outside. With its third installment, four of the episodes of which were sent to us for review, the show aims higher than ever previously and makes what looks like its best episode to date.

Season two of Chucky ended late last year with the not-so-surprising but still hysterically funny news that Chucky, who is always strong, had not been killed during his own personal Christmas killing spree. That leaves the door open for Don Mancini’s campy, bloody show based on his Child’s Play movies to get a third season.

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When we come back, we not only find out what happened right after the finale, but we also jump ahead a few months to see what the killer doll, his enemies teens Devon, Jake, and Lexy, who all lost their parents because of Chucky, and his vengeful ex-girlfriend Tiffany Valentine, who is still within the body of disgraced Hollywood star Jennifer Tilly, are up to.

There Were A Lot Of Deaths And Disappearances At The Conclusion Of Season 2:

For those who were forgotten, Season 2 ended with a lot of people dying or going missing. When we pick up the story, Chucky finds himself in a bit of a different place.

He wants to be the most powerful person in the world, so he is trying to join the White House’s first family. The killer doll is not taking over a neighborhood as well as a religious school. Instead, it is destroying the country from the inside.

Even though this is a crazy step up, the way it is all put together is still Chucky at his most basic. This isn’t a bad thing at all, because it’s fun to watch the little killer kill one person after another in the different rooms of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Story Of Season 3 The Story With The Most Interesting Plot:

The political as well as family drama is played out with a lot of seriousness, and Devon Sawa’s return as the President is hilarious. This makes all the truly horrible deaths seem even more ridiculous. In all honesty, putting Chucky in every show might make them all better.

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The most interesting part of season three is Chucky’s storyline. Not only has he made his way into the ranks of the First Family, giving him a whole new place to explore, but there’s also a lot of mystery to it, with questions like “How did he get there?” and “What the hell was he up to?”

Chucky’s enemy, who always laughs, has always been up to something, and season three isn’t different. Again, we won’t give away the twist, but Chucky does explain everything by the end of the four-episode binge drop, as well as it’s not at all what you might think.

Jake And Devon’s Relationship Keeps Getting Better And Better:

Can you imagine how much greater the stakes within The Diplomat would be if one of the players could be stabbed by a Good Boys doll with ginger hair?

Maybe the trashy fun of Outer Banks, which is brought up quickly in one scene, might work better if the teen comedy also had to figure out who is killing more and more people. Look no further than how well this is done with the same charming human characters from Chucky coming back.

Whether it’s Jake and Devon’s relationship, which is as funny as it is serious, or Lexy making silly Internet videos to get the attention of their mark at the White House, everything just sings.

Lexy, Devon, And Jake Look For Chucky And His New Family Upon Tv:

Chucky won’t bring in new viewers who haven’t seen what came before, but the new season is perfect for those who want things to get even crazier.

Once we see Henry holding Chucky, who slithers into the kid’s good graces through employing his chipper Good Guy voice as well as calling himself “Joseph,” we know bad things are about to happen. This is exactly how Devon, Jake, and Lexy feel when they see Chucky and his famous new family upon TV.

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The kids are returning to Hackensack and living with the cool teacher Miss Fairchild. She’s a big fan of Devon and Jake’s relationship, which is cute. She is additionally one of the few adults within this world who knows that Chucky, the doll, is really a deadly monster that needs to be killed.

Where To Watch Season 3 Of Chucky:

The third season of “Chucky” will start on Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. ET. The show will play on SYFY as well as the USA Network, and Peacock will have it the next day.

Part One of Season 3 starts with S03E01, “Murder at 1600.” Part Two should come out in 2024. Part 1 of season three comes at the perfect time, after some big questions have been answered and the story has moved forward several steps.

This Season, Chucky Is A Threat To The Safety Of The Whole Country:

It has all the things that Chucky fans look for, like gruesome deaths and foul-mouthed jokes. It also strikes the right balance between making you root for the heroes and hoping that the little bad guy finds a way to keep killing people.

Also, Chucky is a danger to national security within this season, which couldn’t be more fitting with the upcoming election. Gil Bellows’ character is definitely inspired by Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy. Even better, it builds up to a big Halloween episode for its ending while showing ourselves a side of Chucky we’ve never, ever seen before.