Claim To Fame An Eliminated Star Tells The Other Contestants They’re Dating Them


Claim To Fame An Eliminated Star Tells The Other Contestants They’re Dating Them:

The latest “Claim to Fame” contestant to be kicked out of the house full of clues has a very important link. Hugo Wentzel was the grandson of Jimmy Carter, who was president from 1977 to 1981. Amy Carter, Wentzel’s mother, was a resident of the White House from 1977 to 1981.

Wentzel, who is 24 years old, was chosen to be a guesser upon ABC’s game show. A guesser picks one of the housemates and tries to figure out how they are related.

Wentzel Said Chris Was Connected To Elton John, Which Was Not True:

Wentzel said Chris was connected to Elton John, which was not true. As a result, Wentzel was kicked off the show and his relationship to Carter was exposed.

Before leaving, Wentzel told the rest of the group that his grandpa had shifted into a hospital. Carter is the U.S. president who has lived the longest. He is 98.

Hugo said in the episode of August 7 that he is the grandson of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. In the episode before that, Olivia said that she is Jenny McCarthy’s niece.

Hugo tells that his friendship with Olivia, who refers to herself as they and she, is “amazing.” “The best is Olivia. I really care about Olivia. It’s crazy that I got a chance to see them while watching that show.”

Hugo says that after they met upon the show, they found out they had a lot within common as well as got to know each other outside of the show. “We got in touch after the show, and it’s been great since then.”

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What’s Hugo Wentzel’s Grandfather Up To These Days?

Hugo Wenzel He still feels terrible. He’s not performing too well because he’s 98, but his family is taking care of him for the most part right now.

He doesn’t move around much, but because he’s so smart, he nevertheless loves to listen to podcasts and use his mind. He needs to do something all the time. I additionally know that he’s seen the show, so that’s crazy.

It’s Surprising That Cole Send Shayne Home Within Elimination Ceremony:

Hugo wasn’t the only person on the show to meet someone. Cole and Shayne had a short romance earlier in the season, but when Cole sent Shayne home during a shocking elimination ceremony, it was a big surprise.

But they both informed that “no hard feelings” exist between them. Hugo says that while they were shooting, the whole group became very close.

“A big aspect of the show was finding a variety of individuals with various hobbies, different life narratives, different backgrounds, and different personalities,” he says.

“By the end of it, I just thought such as we were literally a family.” He says this because his grandfather, who went into hospice care within February, stood for the same things when he walked for president.

“He was a believer in everyone being treated equally, just attempting to cherish everyone as much as you are able, and just maintaining people close,” he says regarding his grandfather, who he paid a touching respect to during his elimination process.

“A Piece of my goal throughout the speech was to show that and just tell everyone how much I love them.” Hugo’s co-stars were clearly moved by his emotional speech, because they all hugged him afterward.

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Hugo adds of the sweet moment, “I felt such as our relationships were bigger than the show at that point.” “I really felt that way about everyone there; I loved everyone there,” he says.

“After all the crazy things we had been through, it was great to be able to on the same emotional level as everyone and just show love. We had witnessed individuals at their limits everybody in the show did their best. It was wonderful to just love everyone in that moment.”

Hugo Wentzel Told A Very Cute Story About Himself At His School’s Grandparent’s Day:

On Grandparents’ Day when I was in grade school, approximately one hundred secret service agents in black vans would show up. No one knew what to do. “What’s going on?” they ask. Why is the Secret Service taking over our school?”

There are a lot of crazy perks or simply amazing things I get to do. I’ve been on some crazy trips. I visited Turkey. I met Peter Gabriel as well. It’s getting close to being normal, but it’s still so cool. I think it’s really cool.

How Does The “Claim To Fame” Experience Work?

It was better than I thought it would be. I’d say it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I thought it would be a laid-back thing. I would go upon the show for a month, not have a phone, hang out with people, and then come back, forget regarding it for a while, and just watch it.

But it was so amazing to do it! I feel like I know everyone upon the show so well. We are still really good friends. On my birthday, I saw JR. In real life, I’m dating Olivia Aquilina, who was sent home on the July 31 show.