Class Season 2: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?


The first season of Class on Netflix is a tornado of sex, drugs, and murder. Class is an Indian replica of the Spanish thriller Élite.

At Hampton International, one of the most renowned schools in the area, three scholarship students are welcomed with open hostility by their new classmates. They’re horrified that the school has welcomed individuals from a lower caste and works to constantly draw attention to their inferiority.

The least of their concerns, though, is when one of the kids perishes in terrifying circumstances. Will the show continue for a second season after the first season ended on a cliffhanger?

Will Class Season 2 be canceled or renewed?

Elite fans are particularly enthusiastic about the Hindi adaptation of the series. On February 3, 2023, Netflix stopped offering classes. Regarding the second season of the show, no announcements have been made. Keep your fingers crossed since season 2 might be on the horizon, but it is too early to expect any news.

The future of Class is uncertain right now. Fans of the program can only expect that BBC will soon change its mind and order a second season of the program. Season 2 may be closer than we think thanks to the flurry of support from viewers in the form of signatures, postings, and shares.

Class Season 2 Cast

As of this writing, there has been no formal announcement on the Class cast for the upcoming season. However, we anticipate that the majority of the series’ regulars and important characters will return for the upcoming season. Check out the possible cast below by doing the same:

  • Anjali Sivaraman as Suhani Ahuja
  • Gurfateh Pirzada as Neeraj Kumar Valmiki
  • Piyush Khati as Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki
  • Madhyama Segal as Saba Manzoor
  • Cwaayal Singh as Balli Sehrawat
  • Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja
  • Chintan Rachchh as Faruq Manzoor
  • Naina Bhan as Koel Kalra
  • Ayesha Kanga as Yashika Mehta
  • Moses Koul as Sharan Gujral
  • Chayan Chopra as Dhruv Sanghvi
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Class Season 1 Recap

Following a fire at the government school in Nurpur Khatola, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balram receive the coveted scholarships to attend Hampton International, one of the most renowned institutions in the nation.

Balram’ Balli’ Patwal is only concerned with his 289K+ Instagram followers and bodybuilding, while Dheeraj Valmiki has a dream of escaping poverty and is motivated to succeed with this opportunity. Saba Manzoor, a Kashmiri immigrant, and obedient daughter in the meantime.

Their students find it unsettling that this group of three is present in a school that exudes wealth and opulence. Each of them comes from a wealthy family and views themselves as the rulers of the world. The group of friends endures taunts and bullying from their classmates, but with time, they grow close.

Emotions become involved as they interact with one another. The youngsters deal with love, family, and social criticism as their lives abruptly shift. Everyone is a suspect after one of the pupils was murdered on the school grounds. Dirty lies are exposed as police investigate, and although some ties are destroyed, others are made.

What could be the plot of Class season 2?

Suhani’s murderer was exposed in the season 1 finale of Class. She was attempting to vanish and start a new life with Neeraj when Sharan beat her to death with her Hampton Gold medal.

In an effort to recover the phone she had taken from Koel and her family, which carried information that would damage their reputation, he had captured her. With Suhani’s blood all over his shirt, Sharan fled the scene quickly and hurried to Koel.

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He said, “I did this for us. “You can no longer be angry with me. I managed what Balli was unable to.”

She is initially appalled, but it doesn’t prevent her from getting rid of Sharan’s filthy clothes and the murder weapon. She seemed to have embraced his behavior a short while later. She tells her parents, “I won’t let somebody smear the name of our family.”

But just before the credits, Koel and Sharan get an unpleasant surprise. I have the ability to remain silent, but what’s in it for me? translates the text. Balli is he extorting them? He observed Sharan handing Koel the phone while still covered in Suhani’s blood, making Koel the prime suspect. But was there a second observer?

The Hampton Gold trophy is just beneath the surface, resting on some rocks, and Sharan’s clothing has also floated to the surface of the river where Koel left it. This might potentially mean the end for them and, more importantly, Neeraj’s release. Due to his brother’s testimony, he is currently in prison but will he remain there for the remainder of his life?

Where can I watch Class Season 2?

In the US, you can watch class on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, among some other streaming platforms. A second season of the show has not yet been ordered. In the UK, you may watch Class by visiting the BBC Three website or by downloading the BBC Three app.

Users can access episodes and close the gap on missed ones using the app. Additionally, the TV show is accessible on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon. You can buy either the whole season or individual episodes. If you’re a Class fan from abroad, you can watch the show on Netflix in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Canada.

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Class Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Early in 2024, Class Season 2 is anticipated to be available on Netflix India. Although Netflix hasn’t formally announced that the show has been renewed for a season 2, we anticipate the news to be forthcoming. Netflix won’t mind releasing a second season of Class to capitalize on the success of the first season of the online series, which is a great smash.

How many episodes will there be in Class Season 2?

The first season of Class had eight episodes, each of which concentrated on the narrative arc of a different individual. It is anticipated that Season 2 would have a similar framework to Season 1, with further character development.

Class Season 2 Trailer

As of the right moment, there isn’t a teaser or trailer for Class Season 2 on Netflix India.