Cleanliness of Akhilesh on the statement ‘I will not get the vaccine’ – we did not insult anyone

After the controversy over the statement about the Corona vaccine, SP chief Adhilesh Yadav has given clarification. Yadav said on Monday that he has not insulted any scientist making the vaccine with his statement. Akhilesh asked the government to tell by when the vaccine would be given to the poor of the state and whether it would be given free or not. Also Read – West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: We do not want to spoil the BJP MP, Mamta Banerjee should be killed

“I did not question any scientist or anyone who helped in making the vaccine,” the SP president said in a press conference here in connection with the controversy over his recent statement of not getting the vaccine himself. is. We have only questioned the BJP, because the people have no faith in the decisions taken by this party. ” Also Read – Coronavirus Vaccine: Zydus Cadila Approves DCGI for Phase III Trial of Potential Vaccine

Akhilesh said, “A Haryana minister had got the vaccine, tell me what happened to him later. If the government hospital failed to treat him, he went to a private hospital and saved his life. “He was referring to Haryana Health and Home Minister Anil Vij, who was vaccinated during the clinical trial but later confirmed that he was infected with the corona virus Hui. Also Read – Bharat Biotech joins 23,000 participants for trial after COVAXIN is approved for emergency use

He said, “It is the responsibility of the government that if anything is being discussed, it is being debated in different forums, all the people have given their opinion, political parties have given their opinion, then it will come in front Let everyone’s doubts clear.

Significantly, Akhilesh had said in a statement last Saturday that he will not apply BJP’s Corona vaccine as he does not trust the BJP. This statement of the SP president was severely criticized. The BJP had termed it an insult to the scientists making the vaccine.

Yadav said, “We want to know from the government that when the poor of Uttar Pradesh will get vaccinated, the fee will be levied or not.”

He asked, “What action plan does the government have for vaccination. Government should state the plan. First of all, people of the press should get vaccinated. I am saying this with all seriousness that you guys have taken coverage during the time of Kovid-19 and some of you have lost your life too. “

The SP president blamed the BJP government of the state for the death of the people due to the roof collapse of the crematorium ghat complex in Muradnagar in Ghaziabad and demanded a grant of Rs 50 lakh to the families of those killed in the accident.

Surrounding Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the issue of employment, Akhilesh said, “In a recent TV interview, the Chief Minister said that he has given one and a half crore jobs. Had it really happened, not a single youth of Uttar Pradesh would have committed suicide. “

On Sunday’s statement by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the opponents realized the power of Ram devotees, Akhilesh said, “Our Chief Minister is Confuse and we are Confused that he is a Yogi.”

Akhilesh termed the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana launched by the BJP government as an imitation of the Samajwadi Pension Yojana launched by his government, saying, “Up to two crore farmers in UP have to get Kisan Samman Nidhi of Rs 2000 every year. We used to give 500 rupees a month, which was a total of 6000 rupees. By copying this, BJP has started the plan. “

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