Clone Trains Booking News: When and how will booking in clone trains, what are the routes – how much will the fare be? Know everything …

Clone Trains Booking Date And Routes: Indian Railways has decided to run 40 clone trains along with special trains. 20 pairs of these trains will be operational from September 21. The Railways said that these trains will be in addition to the 310 special trains already in place and their stoppage will be limited to ‘operational halts’ or Divisional Headquarters (if any) on the route. Railways said that the suggestions of the state governments can be kept in mind while limiting the stay. Let us know that out of these 40 trains, the maximum 22 trains will either go to Bihar or will open from there. Apart from this, many trains will pass through Bihar. Also Read – Government can talk in closed room with opposition about LAC

When will the booking of tickets begin (Clone Trains Booking Date)
According to the Railway Ministry, the reservation for these trains will start from 19 September and the period of advance reservation will be 10 days. That is, you have to travel within 10 days of the day you book the ticket. With this, the ticket will remain available in the train. Railways said that these existing special trains and workers will be different from special trains. Railways has taken this initiative to increase the train congestion and give confirmed tickets to passengers. Also Read – Example: JNU students who are unable to take online classes, are teaching such poor children for free.

What will be the fare (Clone Trains Fare)
According to the Railway Ministry, the fare of Humsafar Express will be taken for 19 pairs of these trains. This will be equal to the fare of Jan Shatabdi Express for ‘clone’ train between Lucknow to Delhi. According to the railways, these trains will run on those routes where the waiting list of tickets is long or demand is high.

Where will trains run from? (Clone Trains Routes)

1. Saharsa to New Delhi – Everyday
2. New Delhi to Saharsa – Everyday
3. Rajgir to New Delhi – Everyday
4. New Delhi to Rajgir – Everyday
5. Darbhanga to New Delhi – Everyday
6. New Delhi to Darbhanga – Everyday
7. Muzaffarpur to Delhi – Sunday
8. Delhi to Muzaffarpur – Monday
9. Rajendra Nagar to New Delhi – Sunday
10. New Delhi to Rajendra Nagar – Monday
11. Katihar to Delhi – Friday
12. Delhi to Katihar – Sunday
13. New Jalpaiguri to Amritsar – Friday
14. Amritsar to Newzalpai Gudi – Wednesday
15. Jayanagar to Amritsar – Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
16. Amritsar to Jayanagar – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
17. Varanasi to New Delhi – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
18. New Delhi to Varanasi – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
19. Ballia to Delhi – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
20, Delhi to Ballia – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
21. Lucknow to New Delhi – Saturday
22. New Delhi to Lucknow – Sunday
23. Secunderabad to Danapur – Everyday
24. Danapur to Secunderabad – Everyday
25. Vasco to Nizamuddin – Friday
26. Nizamuddi to Vasco – Sunday
27. Bengaluru to Danapur – Monday
28. Danapur to Bangalore – Wednesday
29. Yeshwantpur to Nizamuddin – Wednesday, Saturday
30. Nizamuddin to Yesvantpur – Saturday, Tuesday
31. Ahmedabad to Darbhanga – Friday
32. Darumbhaga to Ahmedabad – Monday
33. Ahmedabad to Delhi – Sunday, Wednesday
34. Delhi to Ahmedabad – Monday, Tuesday
35. Surat to Chhapra – Monday
36. Chapra to Surat – Wednesday
37. Bandra to Amritsar – Monday
38. Amritsar to Bandra – Wednesday
39. Ahmedabad to Patna – Wednesday
40. Patna to Ahmedabad – Sunday

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