Cluedo: the board game to become an animated series on FOX


Cluedo, the popular murder mystery board game, will be turned into an animated series on Fox, according to new reports.

Deadline has reported that Fox is already working with Hasbro Entertainment studio One on a new animated series based on the popular board game. Fox-owned Bento Box will work on the series.

There are no more details about the project, but Bento Box is the animation studio behind series like Bob’s Burguers, so you can get an idea of ​​the line that Fox and Hasbro want to follow.

The game, Cluedo, was first released in 1949 and simulates an investigation into a mystery / murder. Players take on the roles of Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Ms. Peacock, Ms. Scarlett, or Mr. Green, and players investigate the board for clues as to who killed Mr. Body.

A movie based on the game was already released in 1985 starring Tim Curry. The comedy followed a similar premise to that of the game and even offered various endings to become a blockbuster. Since then it has been considered cult.

As for Hasbro, they have been busy licensing brands for film and TV. Entertainment One is trying to create a Power Rangers universe connected between film and TV, and they await a television adaptation of Risk with Beau Willimon (creator of House of Cards). A Dungeons & Dragons movie is also in development, with a former Marvel Studios member.

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