CM Gehlot wrote to PM Modi- Conspiracy is going on to topple my government, history will not be forgiven


new Delhi: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gahlot has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi. In this letter, the CM of Rajasthan has used very frank and open words, describing the state of political activities going on in the state. CM Gehlot has written that an attempt is being made to destabilize an elected Congress government. This is happening in the same way as it happened in Madhya Pradesh. Your (BJP) party was slandered by these allegations. I do not know to what extent you are aware of this or you are being misled. History will never forgive those who do this. Also Read – Former CM Kamal Nath’s demand- Election in Madhya Pradesh by ballot instead of EVM, told Corona

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CM Gehlot said in the letter that ‘I would like to draw your attention to the devious efforts being made to demolish the governments through horse trading contrary to democratic norms.’ Also Read – India Ideas Summit: PM Modi will address today from international stage, this step is towards making a better India

Due to the multi-party system in our constitution, the governments of different parties have been elected in the states and at the center. It is the beauty of our democracy that these governments rose above party politics and kept the public interest paramount.

Former PM Late The anti-defection law enacted by Rajiv Gandhi’s government in 1985 and the amendments made by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government are being kept aside.

For some time, efforts are being made to destabilize democratically elected state governments. This is a gross insult to public opinion and an open violation of constitutional values. Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are examples of this.

In the era of Corona virus, protecting people’s lives is our priority. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to topple the Rajasthan government. This includes Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and other BJP leaders.

I will always regret that today, where the central and state governments have the responsibility to save the lives and livelihoods of the common people, how the ruling parties at the center leave the priority of corona management and the main participation in the conspiracy to topple the state government of Congress Can play. In the past, due to Corona, there was a time to bring down the Madhya Pradesh government. Your party was notorious throughout the country.

Gehlot wrote that ‘I do not know to what extent this is your knowledge. Or you are being misled. Never forgive those who participated in acts in history. ‘

CM wrote that I am confident that eventually, along with the truth, healthy democratic traditions and constitutional values ​​will prevail and our government will complete its tenure giving good governance.


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