CMLL confirmed commemorative tournament for the fight against breast cancer

Dalys executes a sniper.  (Photo: @ Arena_MX / Twitter)
Dalys executes a sniper. (Photo: @ Arena_MX / Twitter)

The World Wrestling Council (CMLL) made the creation of the Amazing Amazon Tournament 2021, which aims to elevate the importance of fighting breast cancer.

The contest will take place in the show of the Arena Tuesday Mexico corresponding to the next October 19, o’clock 19:30 hours (Central time of the Mexican Republic).

Likewise, it will allow to continue with the activity of the female division of the company. Given that 16 gladiators will be grouped in pairs, within a yet undefined elimination format, to erect the winning duo of the commemorative joust.

A fact to highlight in the pairings is that the National Couples Champions, Rain and La Jarochita, they will not compete together throughout the classification. Rain will join the national monarch Reyna Isis; while La Jarochita will do the same with Dark Silueta, winner of the first Grand Prix Femenino at CMLL.

Metallic flies over La Jarochita.  (Photo: @ Arena_MX / Twitter)
Metallic flies over La Jarochita. (Photo: @ Arena_MX / Twitter)

Secondly, The Cowgirl will ally with The Metallic. The world champion Princess Sugehit will rely on the support of ComponentsThe Caribbean”. Marcela will support Amapola; Tiffany will share the corner with Skadi; Sexy Sol and Nautical they will watch over the same desire. Also, in an international duo, the American Golden Wasp will compete alongside the Chilean Stephanie Vaquer.

Gladiators have held a special place on the posters of the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) during the months of September and October from 2021; for the first time in the history of the longest-running company in the pankration, they were given the opportunity to star in a great function and to orchestrate a competition that was only intended for the male roster.

On Friday, September 24, a women’s team contest served as the main attraction of the Champions Night, a show that complemented the Tribute to Two Legends as part of the festivities of 88th Anniversary of the promotion. This event had never occurred in the Mexico Cathedral.

The duel in which Rain and La Jarochita they retained the national scepters of couples in front of Dark Silueta and Reyna Isis was above two other headline shocks: the retention of the male belts of The Dreamcatcher (Comet King and Black spirit) upon The Black Wave (Akuma and Amazement Jr.), as well as the dispossession of Complete World Championship from Magician toward Last Warrior.

Dark Silhouette wins the first Amazon Grand Prix.  (Photo: CMLL)
Dark Silhouette wins the first Amazon Grand Prix. (Photo: CMLL)

Nevertheless, Dark Silueta recovered from the failed attempt for gold and on Friday, October 8, became the inaugural winner of the Amazonas Grand Prix. The trophy remained in the possession of the Mexican delegation, because he eliminated the Japanese Tsukasa Fujimoto in the decisive heads up, just like his compatriots Tsukushi and Momo Kohgo. The three fighters come from the Japanese company Ice Ribbon.

In the middle of your celebration in the ring, Mystical congratulated the feat of the Western Women’s Champion for having achieved the award over the efforts of 13 other athletes. The so-called Silver and Gold Prince, who recently returned to his former character from the White Eyes Seminarian with which he triumphed between 2004 and 2011, supported the work that the rising star has consolidated in the World Council.


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