Cobra Kai comes to Fortnite with ten new outfits and a famous gesture from the Netflix series


Epic’s battle royale continues to periodically receive collaborations with different franchises.

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If something has made 2021 clear, it is that, in the world of video games, there are really long-lasting phenomena. WithFortnite We could think that the passage of the years would make a dent in the number of players in the game of Epic Games, but it is still one of the most popular month after month, thanks in large part to the constant flow of new content that is arriving periodically.

The last collaboration has to do directly with Cobra Kai, the hit Netflix series that takes action from the classic Karate Kid movies. As we can see on their website, the highlights of the added content are the ten different costumes which are available in the Item Shop.

Each of them brings three styles inspired by dojos Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do, and among them are ensembles such as Karate Jones or Glorious Crane. They can be purchased individually or as part of the two available lots: KO Karate and Showdown at the dojo.

Includes two pickaxes, two backpacks and the crane gestureIn addition to the outfits, various accessories can be purchased separately or as a pack (from the Cobra Kai Gear Bundle). In addition to of the peaks, Curse of the cobra and Logo of the dojo, we have the backpack accessories Teachings of Miyagi and Coin cobra and the mythical crane technique gesture, which has been shown in a small video shared on the official social networks of the battle royale.

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As we have commented, it is not the first or the last collaboration of Fortnite with different famous franchises of the entertainment world. We recently learned about the arrival of Boba Fett, the quintessential Star Wars bounty hunter, and himself Chapter 3 Released at the beginning of this month of December, it has left us with the appearance of Spider-Man in the title, which incorporates new playable mechanics.

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