ColourPop Announces Animal Crossing Inspired Cosmetics Line


We spent so much time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is no wonder that many already aspire to have the odd little game in their daily lives, from a Cinnamon teddy bear to makeup inspired by the Nintendo Switch simulator. Just for that, ColourPop, a cosmetic brand, has announced a line of products inspired by the saga.

Through the social network Twitter, ColourPop announce that they have news related to the game in their store from today, January 15. We see a small video of an avatar in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in kimono and in the middle of the island. With this, they confirm that yes, they are working on a line of cosmetics inspired by the saga.

Also on the brand’s TikTok account it has been possible to see allusions. It’s a curiosity, but if any fan wants to get makeup from the game, go ahead, it’s your chance. Especially now, that in New Horizons we are already waiting for the arrival of Carnival and its corresponding event.

Source: GameRant

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