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COM requested 1,000 vaccines for athletes who will attend the Tokyo Olympics

(Foto: Henry Romero/Rueters)
(Foto: Henry Romero/Rueters)

Given the position of the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, who made it clear that the Tokyo Olympics will not be canceled, in Mexico, the sports authorities have asked the government to consider the athletes who will attend the fair as a priority population in the vaccination plan.

This was stated by Carlos Padilla, president of the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM), who said he had asked 1,000 vaccines to the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), with the aim of immunize the delegations that will attend this event, whose opening date is scheduled for next July 23th.

During an interview with the newspaper Millennium, Padilla confirmed that for a couple of months he contacted the head of the agency, Marcelo Ebrard, to talk about this issue and commented that since then “he gave instructions to the Undersecretariat of Foreign Relations to coordinate the vaccination of all Olympic and Paralympic athletes”.

He also detailed that the doses will be used to protect both the athletes, as well as their teams and the mission headquarters who will go to the Asian country during the summer. He also pointed out that they will respect the vaccination schedule, although for them it would be ideal to have antigens to end of May.

The president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, Carlos Padilla.  (Photo: Mario Guzmán / File)
The president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, Carlos Padilla. (Photo: Mario Guzmán / File)

“We agree that you can’t skip the government vaccine programFirst, there are the doctors, nurses, orderlies, all those who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, and it is natural that they have that protection. I believe that it will correspond to us late May and June to be sure”He declared.

In this sense, he assured that the work to achieve the doses is progressing and they could meet the objective within the established period, although if they did not succeed, they would turn to the International Olympic Committee in order that this instance collaborate in the management to apply vaccines.

However, it is important to note that the IOC itself has said that it will support athletes who want to be immunized before the sporting event, but will not claim priority access for vaccination to the detriment of the most vulnerable populations or those who are earlier in the waiting lines of each country.

For the moment, 88 Mexican athletes they have obtained a place to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Belong to 13 disciplines classified, although there would be another 13 sports to join the range that will compete for a place at the top of the podium.

(Foto: Kimimasa Mayama / EFE)
(Foto: Kimimasa Mayama / EFE)

So far, the position of the IOC has been decisive regarding the venue and date of this event. “We are not speculating if the games will take, we are working on how they will be carried out”Commented the German leader last week, who also stressed that no sanitary measure will be violated.

“For the first time, maybe no crowds in japan this summer (…) Everyone would love to have full capacity stadiums and roaring crowds. If that is not possible, we will respect our principles and that’s the safe organization, it’s the first priority“, he pointed.

Regarding the vaccination of athletes, Bach stressed that the ideal is receive a good number of immunized athletes, although this is only “part of the measures” and not the “Miracle solution”.

Therefore, the event organizers will also bet on different measures, such as specific immigration procedures, mandatory quarantines after the arrival of the athletes, the constant testing, the provision of personal protective equipment and the contact tracing.


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