Comedian Steve Harvey Shuts Down A Wild Claim That His Wife Cheated On Him


Comedian Steve Harvey Shuts Down A Wild Claim That His Wife Cheated On Him:

Steve Harvey seemed to put an end to reports that his wife had an affair by announcing that he and his wife were going to get a divorce. Harvey was at Invest Fest 2023 upon Sunday, where he talked about his friendship with Marjorie Harvey.

The game program host said, “Before I start, I just want to say that I’m fine.” “Marjorie’s doing fine.” “I don’t know what you’ve been doing, yet you should find another thing to do. “God have mercy on you, man,” said Harvey.

“I don’t know what you guys are doing, but discover another thing to do, because we find. “Lord have mercy on you, man,” said Steve.

“I really wish I could swear. Sometimes you just desire to react, but I don’t have time for stories and talk, man. “God has treated me well, and I’m still shining.”

The YouTube Star Also Posted A Video Of A Speech Harvey Gave About His Wife:

Fox News Digital asked Harvey for a response, but a spokesperson did not answer right away. First, YouTuber Keem share a post that said Marjorie had affairs alongside Harvey’s security guard as well as the couple’s cook. This is how the cheating rumors got started.

“Steve Harvey’s wife cheated upon him with their bodyguard and personal chef,” he penned on X in a post that has since been taken down. The YouTuber also posted a video of Harvey giving a speech about his wife.

Marjorie has also said something about the claims. She put up a post upon Instagram that said, “How to Deal with Being Lied About. The post also had a Bible quote about how you shouldn’t get back at someone.

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She Released A Statement About These Reports Not Long Ago:

She wrote, “My husband and I don’t usually take the time to respond to all the stupid things as well as lies that have been said about us.” But those who are given a lot must also do a lot.

I know that my position gives me a certain amount of duty toward people who might not be as powerful as we all are. Read this and give it to people you care about who may have no idea how to deal with this. “God bless you all.”

In 2007, Harvey and Marjorie tied the knot. Brandi, Karli, Broderick, Wynton, Morgan, Jason, as well as Lori Harvey are all part of the couple’s mixed family.

When a clip of Harvey’s speech went viral online, fans had a range of feelings. Some people think he replied to stop the reports, while others think he’s just trying to hide how hurt he is.

The Story Started Spreading Right After He Fired His Social Media Assistant:

“Y’all think he’s lying if he didn’t address the claim. When he finally talks about the story, he still lies. It’s not clear, lol. I feel the pain within his voice when he says, “We’re good.”

“Have you noticed that whenever a rumor such as this starts, the couple rejects it several weeks later by saying they’re no longer together?” Bro sounded such as he was going to cry.”

“Is it a chance that that story started after his social media helper was fired? I doubt it. Senator Prince Ned Nwoko, who is a family friend of the Harveys and talked to the artist and his wife, also spoke out to say that the stories were not true.

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All Over The World, Fake News Has Reached New Heights:

“Fake news has reached new heights around the world, which is very sad. We see this almost every day, so when we heard that our friend Steve Harvey as well as his lovely wife were having trouble, it didn’t surprise us,” he wrote in an Instagram comment.

“We had to get in touch with him, and he told us that he as well as his wife are fine and that the stories are all false. The family is happy, and we hope for the best for them.

One Of His Workers From Steve Harvey Enterprises Was To Blame, Says The Source:

“A comedian you don’t find funny at all?” was one of the “Kings of Comedy” star’s popular posts from August 19. It showed on his account on X, which used to be called Twitter.

After rising comic Jess Hilarious and other people online were shocked by the post, the “Family Feud” host chose to clear things up by saying that one of his workers from Steve Harvey Enterprises did it.