Company of Heroes 3 dates its launch, releases a trailer and sends us to fight for free in North Africa


The video game presents editions and opens a new test session for users most interested in its proposal.

If you were worried about not being able to see the launch of Company of Heroes 3 this year from SEGA and Relic Entertainment, they have good news: the third numerical installment of the veteran and acclaimed real-time strategy series is coming to PC, via Steam, East November 17. Its authors have wanted to celebrate the announcement with a new cinematic trailer, several images and the opening of reservations.

There will be a new test session from July 12 to 19But before its launch there will be one more opportunity to enjoy Company of Heroes 3. Those enrolled in the video game development program will have free access from Steam to a mission of Operation North Africa, the protagonist of the trailer that accompanies the News. With it, you can test Mission Alpha and take command of the infamous Afrikakorps (DAK) as they attempt to repel the British from their entrenched positions.

In addition, the note continues, players will have the option to use Italian units such as the Guastatori combat engineers and the L6/40 light tank, and enjoy various innovations such as side armor, recovery of enemy vehicles, or vehicle towing, which will allow you to change the position of the artillery with a great impact, either with the German Flak 36 with the QF 17-pounder gun. The Mission Alpha will be available from July 12 to 19.

Company of Heroes 3 Open Pre-orders

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Those who pre-purchase the RTS will have several thank you rewards. Additionally, the Digital Premium Edition comes with Devil’s Brigade, an articulated DLC with cosmetic items based on the first elite commando units of World War II. In physical format, the Premium Edition It will also be accompanied by a service medal, a pocket compass, a collector’s book and other incentives.

Additionally, all premium editions will come with free access to the first expansion for CoH 3, with an expected release date of 2023.

Company of Heroes 3 promises the return of this saga in a video game bigger and better than ever, capable of offering a combination of exciting combat and decisive strategic choices in an impressive Mediterranean war scenario. Now we know that it will arrive on November 17, but before that you can read the impressions with Company of Heroes 3 from 3DJuegos.

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