Complicated case: BJP MLA wife trapped in rape case said- she is doing blackmail to my husband


Dehradun: BJP MLA Mahesh Negi’s difficulties are increasing from Uttarakhand’s Dwarahat, so the matter is getting complicated now. He has been accused of rape by a woman and on this, the woman has filed an FIR against the MLA in the police station. After this, the MLA’s wife has filed an FIR against the woman accusing her of blackmailing her husband, saying that a ransom of five crore is being sought from my husband,

On this matter, the BJP president of Uttarakhand has said that the police is investigating the whole matter. If MLA is found guilty then action will be taken immediately.

On the complaint of rape by the woman against BJP MLA Mahesh Negi, Dehradun SSP Arun Mohan Joshi has said that the FIR has been registered in this case and the investigation of the case is going on. Whatever facts are coming out, action will be taken according to all the allegations in which the truth will be found,

According to our Zee News correspondent, the woman accused of rape has mentioned some dates in her Tahrir and has told where on the date the MLA took her. The woman alleged that the BJP MLA took her to Nepal and raped her several times.

Please tell that the woman also has a baby girl, about which the MLA’s wife has also submitted another letter to the police. He has demanded protection for the girl child of the accused woman and said that the safety of the girl is very important in this whole matter.

Explain that the wife of the MLA has filed a case of blackmailing the woman. After which the woman released a video, making serious allegations against Mahesh Negi, as well as claiming that the MLA and his daughter are also there. To prove that, they are ready to have a DNA test done.


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