Component shortages will relax in the second half of 2022: NVIDIA foresees a positive year


According to statements from other technology companies, the problem would not be resolved until 2023.


For the players who intend to renew our PC or buy a next-generation console, the year 2022 has presented itself to us in a terrible way. The lack of sources does not give respite to the technological landscape, which has led to AMD communicate negative forecasts, Phil Spencer join these statements and Nintendo announce a possible stagnation in the production of the Nintendo Switch. But every problem has an end, and from NVIDIA they claim to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The situation will improve in the second half of 2022, according to KressAlthough we can see that the situation is not prospering, from the green company they project a more promising future. As noted by Tom’s Hardware via Seeking Alpha, NVIDIA’s chief financial officer, Colette Kress, has taken advantage of 24th Annual Needham Growth Conference to give a few statements about its adaptation to the problems of the moment: “We had seen that the levels of the channels were a bit scarce, and we are working with our partners in the supply chain to increase availability of supplies.”


And Kress goes further by giving an approximate date on which, supposedly, the normal rhythm production and distribution of resources: “And we feel good about our supply situation as we move to the second half of the year 2022So, all other negative forecasts aside, there is now a small chance that the situation will improve sooner than expected, at least at NVIDIA.

And it is that this technological giant wants to reassure users before the premiere of its RTX 3090 Ti, although relevant details such as the price o la release date. This was one of the big announcements of their last presentation, where they have also shown affordable graphics cards, a new line of laptops and more news.


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