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Concern at Leeds: Marcelo Bielsa sowed doubts about his continuity

Marcelo Bielsa has a contract until the end of the season with Leeds (Reuters)
Marcelo Bielsa has a contract until the end of the season with Leeds (Reuters)

Marcelo bielsa declared this Monday at a press conference that it would be better to Leeds United He will wait until the end of the season before deciding whether to extend his contract. The Argentine, who signed a one-year extension after achieving the long-awaited promotion to the Premier League in 2020, insisted that this does not mean he does not want to stay in Elland Road.

“The first thing I want to highlight, because what it seems is that the president is offering me an extension and I am delaying it,” the coach started when asked about his future, and continued: “It could be interpreted as that the club has more wishes to that I stay that I and that is not the case. In no way do I want to position myself above the club. I reiterate, I will not administer any other options until I finish my job here in Leeds. There is no speculation on my part ”.

Leeds, who returned to the Premier League after a 16-year absence, are 12th in the table after a disappointing streak of three losses in their last four games, although they are still far from the relegation zone. The 10 points that separate them from the red spots made many critics point directly to their offensive and vertical style of play, although it is always highlighted when the score ends in their favor.

The owner of the Leeds, Andrea Radrizzani, has made it clear that he wants Bielsa, 65, to remain in his position and that the club is awaiting the Argentine’s decision. For his part, the coach, whose team host Southampton on Tuesday, said the results of the final third of the season could upset the scene.

“If the club needs an answer before the end of the season, I will answer before the end of the season. But if this happens, I will take the time to tell you that you should consider what happens in the latter part of the season, “he insisted.

Bielsa achieved promotion last season and now Leeds are in the middle of the table (Reuters)
Bielsa achieved promotion last season and now Leeds are in the middle of the table (Reuters)

For his part, in dialogue with CBC Sports, Radrizzani, owner of Leeds stated: If (Bielsa) stays we are really delighted to continue and the players still follow him unconditionally, and that is the most important element for me to decide to continue with him. If the group is happy with him, I am happy too and we must continue”.

But faced with this situation of uncertainty, he clarified that they are already drawing a Plan B: “It depends on him. We await your decision, but in any case, me and Víctor [Orta, director de fútbol] We have already analyzed the options and what to do in case Marcelo does not want to be with us. We hope it continues, but in any case we are preparing the club ”.

The Leeds must be measured against Southampton for the date 18 that was postponed and on the weekend he will face the Aston Villa, in two key commitments since if he manages to leave with an ideal score, he could be on the edge of the qualification zone for European positions, although if he does not add units, he will remain near the bottom, with serious risks of fighting for permanence.

Bielsa He arrived with the British team for the 2018/19 season and while he could not achieve promotion that year, his style of play fell in love with fans. In the following campaign he was able to awaken the giant and take him back to the Premier League so the confidence of the team leaders and the fans will not waver beyond a few defeats in the current tournament.


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