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Concern in Boca: two Santos footballers tested positive for coronavirus after the game and remain in Argentina

Goalkeeper John, with his back turned, during halftime of the match with Boca (Twitter: @SantosFC)
Goalkeeper John, with his back turned, during halftime of the match with Boca (Twitter: @SantosFC)

The Copa Libertadores semifinal series between Boca and Santos continues adding controversial borders after having disputed the first leg, and on the eve of the rematch in Vila Belmiro. A Brazilian media reported that two players from the santista squad tested positive for coronavirus after the match against Xeneize and they couldn’t return to Brazil with the rest of their teammates.

Was that why Cuca gave the talk at halftime on the field of play? Interestingly, the Brazilian club asked Conmebol for a special authorization to carry out this situation that it had not carried out in any previous meeting. In the first instance it was strange but at the same time logical, considering the re-emergence of the virus around the world. However, after knowing the state of health of two of the members of the São Paulo team, suspicions arose.

The archer John, who was a starter and is one of the figures of Santos, and the defender Wagner Leonardo (alternate), are the ones involved. The middle Sports Gazette He reported that both tested positive for COVID-19 in the test they underwent together with the rest of the delegation before leaving Argentina. In addition, they detailed that the Santista contingent returned yesterday, while they wait for a medical flight that would leave today Friday. The newspaper Sports Globe affirmed that the players remain in isolation in the hotel in Buenos Aires where they concentrated.

In images released by Santos TV, the official channel of the Brazilian institution, distinguished part of the team during the last harangue of captain Alison before jumping onto the playing field to start the match inside the visiting changing room. Between them appeared the goalkeeper John, hugging Kaio Jorge.

It is valid to inform that each soccer player involved in matches governed by Conmebol must undergo a coronavirus test before the respective commitment. In other words, all the Santos and Boca players who signed the roster were –officially– negative cases before playing. Theoretically, the positive cases of John and Wagner manifested after the first leg of the semis.

The Santos goalkeeper is one of those involved among the positives of COVID-19 in Santos (Twitter: @SantosFC)
The Santos goalkeeper is one of those involved among the positives of COVID-19 in Santos (Twitter: @SantosFC)

What will Boca do? From the Ribera they communicated with Conmebol to dispel their doubts, but according to Infobae, they will not make a formal presentation on the case, since they understand that a hypothetical investigation will correspond purely and exclusively to the entity that governs South American football. However, they will closely monitor every step between now and Wednesday. Only if they prove any irregularity will they demand match points from Conmebol.

The concern persists for some presumed contagion after having had close contact on the court (It must be remembered that a large part of the xeneize campus had contracted the virus during the stoppage due to the pandemic). The last swab the Boca team underwent was before playing with Santos. The next one will be this Sunday, before the trip to Brazil on Tuesday to São Paulo.

For now, this Sunday John and Wagner would be excluded from the list of concentrates of coach Cuca for the classic against San Pablo on the 29th date of the Brasileirao. And due to the proximity of the rematch with Boca, they should also see that duel from the outside except in the case of false positives in the counter-tests.

This situation originated hours after Santos will make a formal complaint to Conmebol for the actions of the arbitration body (particularly the VAR) during the 0 to 0 in the Bombonera. They considered treacherous Carlos Izquierdoz’s penalty to Marinho That they did not grant him when there was little left to go.


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