Conflict over Tharoor’s statement in Pakistan, BJP said – Rahul Gandhi will be called ‘Rahul Lahori’

New Delhi: BJP and Congress targeted each other over MP Shashi Tharoor’s statement at the Lahore ceremony and the ruling party accused the Congress leader of “reducing dignity and defaming” India. BJP questioned whether Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wants to contest elections in Pakistan? Also Read – Bihar Polls: If Bihar gets more seats than JDU, will BJP claim CM post? Learn Amit Shah’s answer

The opposition party retaliated by saying that the BJP has always responded to facts and truth with “jumlebaazi”. Tharoor posted a link to his comments made online at the ‘Lahore Think Fest’. Tharoor’s office had told that the ceremony took place last month. Also Read – Bihar Polls 2020: Why LJP Separated From NDA In Bihar Election, Amit Shah Explained Reason…

During the ceremony, Tharoor criticized the Modi government for dealing with the Corona virus and talked about the alleged “bigotry and prejudice” against Muslims amid the epidemic, which the BJP criticized Tharoor for. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra told reporters that it is “inconceivable” that senior Congress leaders and MPs like Tharoor could make such statements against India on the Pakistani platform. Also Read – Congress speaking the language of separatists, giving tickets to those praising Jinnah: Shahnawaz Hussain

Patra said, “They have reduced the dignity of India and misrepresented the country.” Tharoor remarked that Rahul Gandhi had warned about the seriousness of Kovid-19 in February itself and attributed it to him. must be given. Patra claimed that MPs from Kerala are close friends with the former Congress president and questioned whether Gandhi wanted to take credit in Pakistan and contest elections there.

Patra alleged that he (Gandhi) is already a “hero” in China and Pakistan. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said in a press conference that such a response from the ruling party makes the discussion “a joke” and “undermines us on the form of democracy”. Singhvi said, “BJP has always responded to the truth and facts with ‘jumlebaazi’. The BJP has always believed in rhetoric, rather than truth. “He said,” Yes, it may be that you will get attention by listening to them, but in a few seconds you come to know that BJP can only make rhetoric Has been.

Singhvi said that if someone is praising an achievement or referring to an activity in which you are backward in India and asking that person to stand for election from Pakistan is a joke and As a democracy, we have to show less.

The Congress spokesperson said, “Only an attempt is being made to show that you are a comparatively much stronger, much larger and far more capable country and you should not fall behind even in this standard”. Patra said that the Central Government has Time applied lockdown. He said that the rate of infection-free people in India is high and the death rate is much lower than other countries of the world. He praised the BJP government for dealing with the corona virus.

Tharoor also referred to the problem of Indians from the northeastern states in the country. Taking a dig at this, Patra said, “What does it mean to discuss such matters on the Pakistani stage?” There is no democratic and just country like India in this world. “Patra said that he and the BJP will now call him” Rahul Lahori “, sarcastically.

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