Confusion and controversy in the final of the Libertadores: the imperceptible hand in the draw of Flamengo that unleashed the fury of Palmeiras


* The imperceptible hand in the pre-draw of Flamengo

Only Gabriel Barbosa took a powerful shot that overcame the resistance of Weverton, Gustavo Gomez He ran off completely enraged to claim the referee Nestor Pitana a hand in the previous play to the draw of Flamengo against Palmeiras in the final of the Copa Libertadores.

The Verdao enjoyed the advantage on the scoreboard from 5 minutes into the game thanks to a goal from Raphael Veiga after a great team play. Those of Abel Ferreira defended the title until Gabigol showed up at 72 minutes to level things out behind an impeccable wall with Giorgian de Arrascaeta.

However, the celebration It took a few seconds while the Argentine judge spoke with his assistants at the VAR, which was in charge of the Chilean Julio Bascuñán, who in turn was seconded in the booth by the Argentine Germán Delfino. Pitana evaluated, corroborated with the technological tool and finally declared a tie.

What was the claim? by Arrascaeta touched the ball with his hand almost imperceptibly when he controlled it at the goal area in the previous pass to Barbosa. No foul should be penalized for that involuntary touch and for that reason the determination of Pitana and the VAR was correct beyond the angry protests.

* The goal that Gabriel Barbosa scored in the final of the Copa Libertadores

Previously, the hand was whistled even if the ball was accidentally touched. But currently IFAB Rule 12 indicates that “Not all contact of the ball with the hand or arm constitutes an offense” and clarifies that it will be considered an infringement if it touches “The ball voluntarily with the hand or arm, for example, making a movement in the direction of the ball”.

In addition, the foul will also be whistled in the following action: “Touch the ball with the hand or arm when the hand or arm is unnaturally positioned and makes the body take up more space. It will be considered that a player has managed to make his body occupy more space in an unnatural way when the position of his hand or arm is not a consequence of the movement of his body in that specific action or cannot be justified by said movement ”.

Anyway, the joy finally went to Palmeiras who had to battle in extra time to get back to the front of the scoreboard. Deyverson scored five minutes into the first half of overtime and then the team endured the difference to lift the Copa Libertadores.


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