Congress party demands CM Yogi Adityanath’s resignation in Ghaziabad murder case


new Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday demanded a reply from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath over the incident of murder of a journalist in Ghaziabad and said that if he cannot discharge the ‘Rajdharma’ of the security of the residents of the state, then resign from the post. Party spokesperson Supriya Srinet also claimed that Uttar Pradesh has become a ‘crime zone’ and the criminals are high due to political patronage. Also Read – Journalist Vikram Joshi died during treatment, miscreants surrounded and shot in the head

He told reporters via video conference, “The murder of a journalist in Ghaziabad is not such an isolated incident.” Vikram Joshi pleaded with the help of the police, but Yogi’s police did not take any action until that gruesome scandal happened with Vikram ji on Monday night. ” Also Read – CM Yogi telling Corona ‘weakest virus of the century’, UP’s condition is bad: Priyanka Gandhi

The Congress leader claimed, “According to the latest NCRB figures, 46 women are abducted daily in Uttar Pradesh. 12 women are raped every day… It is the crime of the state and Jungle Raj that 4018 murders took place in 2018, that is 11 murders daily. ” Also Read – Mother-daughter self-immolation case: Three policemen suspended, case registered against four people

He also claimed, “Of the 312 BJP MLAs, 114, 37 percent have criminal cases against them. 83 of these are accused in heinous crimes such as rape and murder cases. “Supriya questioned,” Why does Yogi Adityanath keep silent on all these things? Where is he in the midst of the collapsed law system? Do they even have any plan or intention to end this goon raj? “

He said, “The people have not chosen Yogi Adityanath for their oppression. Defense of citizens is their first duty and Rajdharma. If they are unable to complete them, then resign. We will not allow Uttar Pradesh to become a crime state at any cost. “

Significantly, journalist Vikram Joshi, who was seriously injured in the attack of miscreants, died early in the morning. On July 16, Joshi filed a complaint on charges of tampering with his niece. The miscreants shot Joshi in Vijay Nagar area after beating him around 10:30 pm on Monday night.


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