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Controversial reflection by Marcelo Bielsa: “If you finish eighth playing badly, it is worse than finishing twelfth playing well”

Bielsa: “If you finish eighth without playing well, it is worse than finishing twelfth and playing well”

It’s been a while since England the philosophy of the game of Marcelo bielsa. The Leeds is one of the most attractive teams in the Premier League but, on his return to the top flight after 16 years, he ranks in the eleventh place from the leaderboard. In this context, Loco They asked him about the performance of his team and he left a controversial answer.

At the press conference prior to Monday’s match before Crystal Palace By Date 23 of the English league, they asked Bielsa if he was going to be satisfied if his club, recently promoted to the elite, finished the season in its current position. His reply has generated much debate.

The most important thing is how we play, playing in which way you get to the position that ends the tournament. If you finish eighth playing badly, for me it is worse than finishing twelfth playing well. But it is also true that playing well it is much easier to finish better located. Hopefully we can play well and advance in the table, “said the Argentine coach.

To the Rosario strategist of 65 years they also asked him to comment on the fact that Leeds is considered one of the most “Entertaining to watch” in English football. But Loco he was cautious and explained that his way of playing is just a chosen method in search of victory.

“Almost everyone believes that our football is entertaining. There are opinions that put the fun in facing a team that concedes so many goals. We, like all teams, choose to play in one way because we believe that it is what brings us closest to winning.. Afterwards, football has many aspects that cannot be believed. And it has as the most important factor of all the players’ capacity for imbalance in their interventions. Efficiency is still the most sought after value“, argument Bielsa.

Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds cannot find solidity despite his great performances in the Premier League (Photo: REUTERS)
Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds cannot find solidity despite his great performances in the Premier League (Photo: REUTERS)

On his return to the top flight in England, the Leeds from Marcelo bielsa he fails to find solidity despite his great performances. It is a very intense team, it guarantees spectacle, goals and a very dynamic football. But it is the second team that received the most goals so far in the championship (38) behind West Bromwich (52). He has barely achieved six unbeaten hurdles in 21 games played.


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