Controversy over hate speech in India, Facebook said – We have no relationship with any party


New Delhi: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology, social media platform Facebook, facing allegations of ignoring hate speech (hate speech) of some BJP leaders, is forthcoming to discuss the issue of alleged misuse of its platform Summoned on 2 September. Also Read – Parliamentary committee led by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor sent summons to Facebook, said- present

Following this, social media company Facebook (Facebook), which was involved in controversies over the alleged hate speech, said on Friday that it has nothing to do with any party and will continue to remove objectionable content posted by the leaders from its platform. Also Read – Facebook controversy: BJP MP wrote to the speaker, said – Shashi Tharoor should quit the post of Parliament panel chief

Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook India, has written his blog on this entire issue. He said in the post, “Facebook is an open and transparent platform and does not support any party or ideology. People are free to speak on this platform. During the last few days, we have been accused of being biased in implementing our policies. We take these allegations seriously and want to clarify that we condemn every form of hatred and bigotry. ” Also Read – Facebook case: Notice of breach of privilege against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor

Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook India said in a blog post, “Facebook is and always has been an open, transparent and non-partisan platform where people can express themselves freely. In the last few days, we have been accused of bias that we implement our policies. We take allegations of bias incredibly seriously, and want to make it clear that we condemn hatred and bigotry in any form. “

He further wrote, “These days many questions are being raised on us, especially many allegations have been made in implementing our policies regarding hate speech. There is no room for hate speech on our platform. We have a fair view of the content and it is governed by our community standards. We implement these policies all over the world and do not care about anyone’s political position, ideology or religious and cultural beliefs. “

Let me tell you that the whole controversy related to Facebook started after the report published on Friday by American newspaper ‘Wall Street Journal’. In this report, quoting anonymous sources from Facebook, it has been claimed that a senior Indian policy officer of Facebook interfered in an internal letter to stop the permanent ban on a BJP MLA from Telangana for allegedly posting posts containing communal allegations. .

After the allegations, Facebook had said in its clarification that such speeches and content are kept on its platform, which are prone to violence. With this, the company said that its policies are implemented globally and it does not see which political party it is related to.


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