cooperative, realistic, open world, with multiplayer … You choose!


Looking for the perfect shooter? At 3DJuegos we return with our line of reports to give you a very important role: that of the designer of your own game! Think carefully about the answers and share with us which would be the best possible shooter action game for you.

Surely we all have in mind what it would be like the perfect shooter, or at least we have imagined them on occasion. For this reason, and because we believe that it is a very interesting topic, we recover the line of articles that we started with How the perfect RPG would be and that we continue with How the perfect horror game would be. This time it’s time to answer the six surveys that we launch, with questions that will help you define what the FPS (First Person Shooter) that you dream of playing would be like.

We have taken into consideration aspects as important as the game perspective, but also the design itself, the presence of multiplayer and of course the theme. There are many things to consider to create a good shooter, and in 3DJuegos we also already gave you several keys about this relevant genre with reports that addressed its addictive mechanics, what design errors they can present and even how difficult they can be.

Of course, we are very interested in knowing your opinion and that is why it will be very curious to see the results of the questions that we throw at you … but the question will not end here. There are a lot of features left to sculpt to produce a perfect shooter, and that’s where you guys come in on the forum. Are there video games that come close to what you consider to be perfection? What aspects do you think these titles should implement to be even better? We read each other in the comments.

shooter perspective

In third or first person?
What would the perfect shooter look like: cooperative, realistic, open world, multiplayer… You choose!

You could be very clear on this question, but consider that there are magnificent shooters that are designed in both first and third person. Examples? Doom and Quake, with their respective sequels, showed the world how to create a first-person shooter. We owe it to them that today we have such imaginative things as Superhot or the great Half-Life Alyx, which would be the pinnacle of immersion in a video game of this type. However, TPS (Third-Person Shooters) have worked very well with such paradigmatic cases as that of the Gears of War saga, without neglecting other interesting approaches such as that of Bulletstorm or Outriders. Of course, not everything has to be black or white, and there we have the Halo series, which was able to successfully combine both perspectives. Which one do you choose?

Game design

Very guided or with freedom of action?
What would the perfect shooter look like: cooperative, realistic, open world, multiplayer… You choose!

This is another very interesting question that surely gives developers a lot of headaches: what is better: a linear game or with some freedom of action? The truth is that here it works quite well that of… it depends! Great video games belonging to classic sagas such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Wolfenstein The New Order have managed to make linearity a virtue. However, there are also shooters that have successfully embraced a more open spirit, or at least with more possibilities, as is the case with the Halo or Borderlands games. Without going any further, we have the most recent RAGE 2, which went from being a more or less corseted game in its first installment to joining the bandwagon of open worlds. What approach do you prefer for your perfect shooter?

Alone or in company

Cooperative-focused or individual experience?
What would the perfect shooter look like: cooperative, realistic, open world, multiplayer… You choose!

There is no written book on this. There are players who prefer to play alone in titles that are usually very focused on the plot, in an intense experience that tests your skills at the controls. We have lots of examples, from the interesting FEAR, through Bioshock to something more recent like the overwhelming Doom Eternal. Then we have a very interesting approach, which consists of games that, in addition to working well alone, do even better in company, such as Gears 5 and Destiny. Finally, we have those titles that do not make sense if they are not played cooperatively or in the company of someone: Back4Blood, Aliens Fireteam Elite, Rainbow Six Siege or Titanfall are very exemplary cases in this regard. What style do you stay with?


¿Realistic, futuristic or post-social?
What would the perfect shooter look like: cooperative, realistic, open world, multiplayer… You choose!

We come to one of the key points of our perfect shooter: what theme to choose? There are endless possibilities here, but realistic shooters are in high demand and not very common. Cases like Insurgency or Escape from Tarkov might interest you. Do you prefer a more futuristic touch? It is another of the most successful slopes today, with such famous examples as Battlefield 2042 or some installments of the renowned Call of Duty series. More options? Of course, you can always go for the post-apocalyptic option. It is not very original, but it has many followers. And if not tell RAGE or Borderlands, licenses with more than notable titles.

Narrative approach

Simple, powerful or non-existent plot?
What would the perfect shooter look like: cooperative, realistic, open world, multiplayer… You choose!

There are shooters that pass without pain or glory in the narrative aspect, but then there are others that are capable of leaving their mark. Do you remember Bioshock? Through the successful use of the recordings, we were told what was happening in the submerged city of Rapture. For its part, Half-Life showed us that everything could be told without cinematics, through an intelligent use of the game environment. We even have cases as shocking as that of the Metro saga, which tells a very powerful story through a marvelous technical realization. We could go on, citing the ingenious Chernobylite style. But of course, not all shooters have to be pure narrative. Or are games like Duke Nukem or Serious Sam not working well?


Classic modalities or bet on Battle Royale?
What would the perfect shooter look like: cooperative, realistic, open world, multiplayer… You choose!

Here we are faced with a great dilemma. There are video games that choose directly not to include any kind of multiplayer (sometimes in order to focus entirely on the campaign, as was the case with Homefront). However, it is common to find an abundance of multiplayer modes. The case of the Battlefield series is very evident, since it has based its deliveries on the competitive one. Something similar happens with the Halo titles. Then we have the most extreme side, that of shooters that live by and for online play, as is the case with Fornite, Overwatch and Apex Legends. In which pole would your perfect shooter stand? Do you think that multiplayer should be the center of the experience, an add-on or should it be something expendable directly?


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