Corona Vaccination in Delhi: Delhi government’s big announcement – Coronavirus vaccine will be free

new Delhi: Delhi Health Minister, Health Minister Satyendra Jain said on Saturday that Kovid-19 vaccine will be given free of cost to the people of Delhi, just waiting for it to come. He also said that the Delhi government has made preparations for the vaccination campaign. Jain, who visited a center in Daryaganj as part of the vaccination rehearsal, told reporters that the whole system has looked ‘flawless’ till now. Also Read – Covid-19 in Delhi: Things are improving in Delhi, less than 500 new cases of corona infection for the first time in seven months

He said, “I have come here to take stock of the preparations under rehearsal. Three sites have been selected for this, including GTB Hospital at Shahdara, Urban Primary Health Center at Daryaganj and Venkateswara Hospital at Dwarka. Will be made. Also Read – Covid-19 vaccination dry run today in all states and union territories of the country

Jain was asked if the vaccine of Kovid-19 would be free of cost, he said, “Yes, treatment and medicines are also being given free of cost in Delhi.” He said that the vaccination centers would be either hospitals or There will be institutes attached to hospitals. Also Read – Oxford Committee’s Covid-19 Vaccine Approved by Expert Committee, Immunization to start soon

He was asked what would happen if there were any complications after vaccination, on which Jain said that emergency rooms would be made in the centers and the people who were vaccinated would be kept under observation for half an hour.

Jain said that till now the Delhi government has made preparations for vaccination of one lakh people in a day, social distance law will be followed and people will be brought in groups at the centers.

He said that the Delhi government is fully prepared to receive, keep and keep Kovid-19 vaccines and to vaccinate 51 lakh people who fall in the priority category of the city in the first phase of vaccination. These people include health workers, front-line employees, people of more than 50 years of age and people below 50 years suffering from other diseases.

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