Corona vaccine: India and South Africa seek waiver of rules from WTO, letter written

Corona Virus Vaccine: The total number of corona infects in the world has exceeded 50 million, while the death toll has exceeded 1.2 million. The number of cases of infections in the US, which are at the top of the countries most affected by the Corona virus, has exceeded 10 million and the death toll is over 2 lakh 43 thousand. Whereas the number of cases of infection in India present at second place has reached 85 lakhs and the number of deaths is beyond 1 lakh 26 thousand. But work is going on on a war footing to develop medicines and vaccines for the corona virus worldwide. Also Read – When will the temples open in Maharashtra? On the question, Uddhav Thackeray said – just let Diwali pass

Meanwhile, India and South Africa have sought relief from the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the rules. They want that no single country has a monopoly in the production of medicines for the upcoming Corona. India has asked the World Trade Organization to give relief to intellectual property regulations to make it easier for developing countries to manufacture and import Kovid-19 medicines. Of course, India and South Africa have written to the WTO in this regard last month. Both countries have called on the WTO to exempt part of the agreement on trade-related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). Also Read – Corona Vaccine Updates: Government begins preparations to distribute Kovid vaccine, Corona vaccines will be available from these places

Both say that developing countries have been greatly affected by the pandemic and the availability of affordable medicines will be hampered by various property rights, including patents. Indeed, intellectual property rights are international treaties governed by the World Trade Organization. In this, minimum standards of intellectual property rights have been set. It governs patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property regulations globally. The letter, published on the Geneva-based WTO website, states that as a defense against the corona virus, new drugs and vaccines have been developed for Kovid-19, but more concern is that they are sufficiently priced and in reasonable price How to make it available globally. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020: JP Nadda took a dig at Donald Trump, said – one look at our PM …

In fact, some rules of intellectual property rights, including patents, can prove to be a hindrance in providing Corona medicines at a reasonable price. Currently there are many experiments going on for Corona drugs, and the country that will make Corona virus medicine or vaccine first will obviously patent it first in the WTO. According to the patent rule, the patenting country is the one associated with that drug. Will have full rights for production, import and export.

After the patent, if any other country also makes an application to make a medicine and patent it, then under the existing intellectual property rights rules, its application can be rejected if the formula is matched with the already patented drug. In such a situation, India and South Africa have expressed concern about whether one country or some country will be able to provide Corona medicines to the whole world at the right time, quantity and price. Developed countries have more resources, so they are naturally ahead in the patent race, but in such a situation what will happen to developing countries? Keeping these concerns in mind, India and South Africa have demanded a waiver from the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the production and supply of Corona medicine for developing countries.

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