Corona Vaccine Latest Update: Co-WIN App will have to be downloaded for the vaccine, how to register ..

Corona Vaccine Latest Update: The year 2021 started with the good news that 2-2 vaccines have been approved in India to get rid of Coronavirus. Corona vaccine dry run has started in all states and union territories of India for vaccination from Saturday. In such a situation, people now have new hopes to beat Corona. After getting the approval of the vaccine, people are now waiting for vaccination. Also Read – Covid-19 Vaccine Updates: Domestic Corona Vaccine ‘Covaxin’ Not Approved for Emergency Use

Download Co-WIN App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store Also Read – Not satisfied with the app purchased on Google Play Store, refund this process

For vaccination, the Union Health Ministry has created an app named COVIN (Co-WIN App) to monitor the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine, keep data and get people registered to get the vaccine. Citizens of the country who are not health workers will have to download the CoWIN app for cocaine from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After downloading the app, people will be able to register for the corona vaccine through the registration module. Also Read – Corona Vaccine is not ‘Ramban’ vaccine, you should know these important things related to vaccine …

vaccine registration process

There are 5 modules given in Co-WIN App
With the Co-WIN App, the vaccination process will act as a platform for administrative activities, immunization personnel and people who are vaccinated. The Cowin app has 5 modules. First Administrative Module, Second Registration Module, Third Vaccination Module, Fourth Benefit Approval Module and Fifth Report Module.

The administrative module is for those who will conduct the vaccination program. Through this module, they can decide the session, through which people and managers who get vaccinated will get information through notifications.

-Registration module will be for those who get themselves registered for the vaccination program.

-The vaccination module will verify the information of those people, who will do their registration to get the vaccine and update the status in this regard.

– Messages will be sent to the beneficiaries of vaccination through the beneficiary acceptance module. Along with this, the QR code will also be generated and people will get an e-certificate to get the vaccine.

– Reports related to the vaccination program will be prepared through the report module, such as how many sessions of vaccination took place, how many people got vaccinated. How many people did not get the vaccine despite registration.

30 million health workers and frontline workers to get free vaccine in first phase
Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Saturday took stock of the preparations for the dry run and said that now only three crore health workers and frontline workers of the country will be given free vaccine. Apart from this, he said, a decision will be taken by July on how the other people in the country will get the vaccine. ”

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