Corona Virus Spain: 8 workers of this club became Corona positive, stirred up, know the reason


Corona Virus: Eight sex workers from a hostess club in Spain’s Alcázar de San Juan Ciudad Real have been found to be cornea-positive, after which people who spend the night there are being searched, but the customers staying at the club are silent. Because of this, there is fear among the local people. Alcázar de San Juan is the Hostess Club in Ciudad Real, where every night a gathering of beauty is held. It is in the Spanish province and a large number of international tourists visit here. Also Read – Corona Virus Bihar: 3257 new patients of Corona found again, total positive 109,893

Four of the 30,000 men in the city have been asked to go to home isolation after sex workers were found positive, but locals say there will be many more who visited the “Hostess Club”, but They are not coming forward. Also Read – UP: 4,186 new cases of corona in one day, more than 2500 deaths, number of infected crosses 1.5 lakh

The city’s health chief says he is confident that the sex workers here respect the safety rules regarding the corono virus the most, including wearing masks, but she must have come in contact with every customer because she has met men and a half The distance of the meter will not be made. Please tell that since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, more than 7,000 positive cases have been registered in Ciudad Real. Also Read – Corona virus caused havoc in these districts of Madhya Pradesh, number of infected crossed 45 thousand

Local hospitals have warned about the danger of the virus spreading and said that all such men who spent the night in the Hostess Club should take responsibility for the society and come forward for corona investigation.

Local people said that the Hostess Club is located in front of a supermarket and there is no ruckus here, body trade takes place in a quiet manner. But when people saw the commotion here and saw the police force as well, it felt that normal raids were going on. But when he saw the club closing and sanitizing, then he understood what the matter is.

In the town, the opposition’s councilor, Andrea Fernandez, tweeted, “We must remember that the corona virus infection spreads rapidly and now there is a danger of high risk among the locals.” If we were to take any kind of investigation and treatment, then the whole community would come under the grip of Corona. Because of this club, the virus will now spread like wildfire in hospitals too.

Public health institution Castilla-La Mancha has said that in this way, there is difficulty in tracking people exposed to the virus due to the silence and not coming forward for investigation.

A spokesman for the institution said that “we remember that the citizens of Alcázar de San Juan were deeply pained by the first wave of the Corona epidemic and it is feared that the same story will be repeated again.” “Therefore, all the customers of this club are requested to come out on their own and check whether they are infected or not. “


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