Corona virus: Things will be normal after winter, vaccine may come by March: AIIMS Director

new Delhi: The winter season will be very challenging amid the Kovid-19 pandemic, but the vaccine will arrive by early February or March next year, and will be somewhat normal after that. AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said this in an interview to IANS. However, he underscored the importance of aggressive covid-appropriate behavior in combating infection. Also Read – School Reopen in Gujarat: Schools and colleges will open in this state from this month, students will be ready, these rules will be

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questions: Barring a few cities, where cases are increasing rapidly, the number has come down from 90 thousand cases in a country to 45 thousand. Do you think that India will cross the peak by the end of this year and cases will start decreasing across the country?
answer: The winter months will be a challenging time for the next three months. Once we cross it, we will have two things. One, we will have a large number of people who have been cured and the chances of spreading the infection will be reduced. Therefore the number of cases should be reduced. The second thing is that we should also have a vaccine, which will be available by that time, so by the beginning of next year we should be back to somewhat normal, I hope the situation will be somewhat normal by February-March. Also Read – Gold Price in International Market: Gold fell by $ 100 in international market due to Corona vaccine coming soon, surge in crude oil

questions: Is there a specific number of peaks associated with this viral infection? After the fourth peak, for example, will the cases eventually begin to decline and there will be no extraordinary increase in cases?
answer: In the context of India, there are different things in it, if we see the country as a whole or a different region. Different regions have behaved differently in India, because as the epidemic has progressed, in many cases the growth has taken place at different times.

Initially we had a big peak in big cities, because then there were cases coming from outside. Peak once again appeared in Mumbai and Delhi and then the cases were reduced. We have crossed a peak and the number of cases has come down. How we maintain it is a big challenge. As you see in Europe, it has decreased, but there is another peak.

The challenge is how to maintain proper behavior on Kovid-19, so that we do not face another extreme peak. Look at countries like Vietnam, Taiwan and Cambodia, where the number of cases has not increased. They had their own peak, but they were able to maintain a decline in the number of cases.

There are some cities like Delhi in India, where there has been an increase in the number of cases which are directly related to the crowd. This is followed by lack of appropriate behavior for Kovid-19 and of course other factors like air pollution and temperature drop. “But, I think it is very important for us to understand that if we want to keep matters low and say that we have crossed the summit, then we have to be disciplined and adopt good aggressive behavior.”

questions: Is the death toll due to infection being presented accurately and are we conducting adequate tests?
answer: We are very focused on testing. The test that we are doing has been speeded up. We are now doing 14 lakh tests in a day and testing is increasing every day. Apart from this, the death rate is being told and I do not think the death rate is hidden in any way. As far as mortality and cases are concerned, we have reasonably good information. We need to increase the test as much as possible, especially when we start looking at small cities and rural India.

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