Corona’s growing havoc, Indian Railways has your concern, know what facilities will be available …


Indian Railways: Corona is once again wreaking havoc in the country. In view of this, the railway has taken a big step. For the convenience of the passengers, now the railway stations will soon give disposable sheets, pillows, blankets to the passengers. In view of the need and cold of the passengers, the Railways has taken this step. At the same time, it will also help in preventing corona infection. Disposable linen kiosks will also be installed at stations for this. Also Read – Railways suffered a setback due to farmer agitation in Punjab, loss of 2,220 crores

Will have to pay a nominal price Also Read – You have also got your reservation checked so today! Railway has canceled these 44 trains

People will be able to get disposable sheets, pillows, blankets according to their needs by paying a nominal price at the kiosks located at the stations. According to the information, a sheet, a mask and a sanitizer pouch will be available for only about 50 rupees at these kiosks. At the same time, if you also want to take a blanket, then you have to pay about 200 rupees for a blanket, a bed sheet, a mask and a sanitary pouch. Apart from this, along with pillow, blanket, bed sheet, mask and sanitizer pouch will be available for Rs 250. Also Read – Punjab Farmers Agitation: Loss of crores of rupees due to farmer agitation, 33 trains canceled, 11 stopped

Weights will be reduced

All items taken from the kiosk can be thrown using one time, which makes it less likely to infect others. At the same time, the weight of people’s goods will also be reduced. In the train for the last eight months, sheets, pillow etc. are not being given. This decision was taken in view of preventing the spread of corona infection.

Kiosks will be installed first on large stations

First of all, there is a plan to install disposable linen kiosks at New Delhi, Anand Vihar, Old Delhi, where large number of passengers are moving. Then other stations like Hazrat Nizamuddin and Sarai Rohilla etc. will be installed at these stations.

Trying to provide better facilities to passengers

According to railway officials, this will give the Railways a better environment with health related facilities. A limited number of trains are operating during the Corona epidemic. Recently, Railways has run a large number of festival special trains. Railway is constantly advising passengers to travel with minimum luggage.

Since it is cold now. At the same time, corona infections are continuously increasing. In such a situation, the Railways has prepared a plan to provide disposable sheets etc. for the convenience of the passengers. At the same time, the train is regularly sanitized from outside and inside.


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