Corona’s havoc: 41 lakh youth unemployed in the country, hope for a good day not yet

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic in the country, 41 lakh youths have lost their jobs. In this, employees working in construction and agriculture sectors were the most affected. This has been said in a joint report of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Also Read – The latest state of Korana infection in Delhi and Mumbai, know who, whom, where forward or backward

The ILO-ADB report released on Tuesday titled “Dealing with the Kovid-19 Youth Employment Crisis in Asia and the Pacific” states, “India is estimated to be employing 41 lakh youth. Out of the seven major sectors, construction and agriculture have led to maximum employment. Also Read – Relief from Corona! Health Ministry said- infection rate reduced from 10.03 percent to 7.72 percent

It has been said that due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the employment prospects for the youth have also suffered a setback. Also Read – Covid-19: Maximum 77 patients died in a single day from Corona in UP, 4,336 new cases were reported

According to the report, due to the crisis, the youth of 15 to 24 years will be affected more than those of 25 and older people. Not only this, according to the economic and social costs, the risk is long-term and widespread.

The ILO-ADB report is based on a regional assessment of the ‘Global Survey on Youth and Kovid-19’. The estimate is based on the available unemployment figures in various countries.

It said that during the epidemic in India, two-thirds of the training at the company level was affected. At the same time, three fourth ‘internships’ have been completely disrupted.

The report called on governments to take immediate, large-scale targeted steps to create jobs for the youth, bring education and training programs back on track, and reduce frustration over the future of 66 crore youth population.

Even before the Kovid-19 crisis, youth in Asia and the Pacific had challenges regarding employment. Due to this unemployment rate was high and large number of youth were out of school and work.

The regional youth unemployment rate in the year 2019 was 13.8 percent. At the same time it was 3 percent among adults (25 years and older). More than 16 crore youth (24 per cent of the population) were neither in employment nor in education or training.

According to the report, four out of every five young workers in the area are in the unorganized sector and one in four young workers is forced to live in poverty.

Sarah Alder, the lead author of the report and head of the ILO Regional Economic and Social Analysis Unit, said, “The challenges for the youth have increased since the Kovid-19 crisis. If this attention is not given enough, there is a danger of creating a ‘lockdown generation’, which may have to bear the burden of this crisis for many years. “

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