Coronavirus Updates: Ministry of Health gave good news in times of Corona crisis! India also left America behind in this matter

India Coronavirus Updates: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the country. More than 53 lakh people have been infected with Corona in India, whereas, more than 85 thousand people have died so far. Meanwhile, a good news is coming out about Corona. According to the Health Ministry, India has also left the United States in the case of patients getting healthy (Coronavirus Recovery Rate) and reached the first place. The Ministry of Health said on Saturday that India has surpassed the US and reached the top position, achieving a historic global achievement in terms of recovery of COVID-19 patients. Also Read – Recruitment process for 31,661 Assistant Teachers vacancy in UP will be completed in a week

The Health Ministry said that 42,08,431 Kovid-19 patients have become healthy so far in the country, which is the highest number of infection-free patients in all countries of the world. The rate of recovery from infection in the country has come down to about 80 percent, while the death rate from infection has come down to 1.61 percent. The ministry said, ‘Now India has about 19 percent of the number of people recovering from infection worldwide. Due to this, the national rate of infection-free has improved strongly to 79.28 percent. ‘ Also Read – If DC does not reach playoffs, will owners give resignation? Perth Jindal’s big statement

He said that this global achievement has been achieved due to focused, systematic and effective measures of early identification of patients, rapid monitoring and standardized high quality complete clinical care by aggressive investigation under the leadership of the central government. According to the data released by the ministry at 8 am on Saturday, 95,880 people have recovered from Kovid-19 in the country in a 24-hour period and 90 per cent of the cases reported have come from 15 states and one union territory. Also Read – Beware of fake Social Media Followers and Likes! Rajasthan man arrested

The ministry said that about 60 percent of the new cases of healthy patients have come from five states – Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. The highest number of infections have also been reported in these five states. In Maharashtra, more than 22 thousand people (23 percent) have become healthy in a single day, while Andhra Pradesh has 11,000 (12.3 percent) people in new cases of infection-free.

The ministry said, ‘India is constantly moving in the direction of healing of a large number of patients. This is the result of effective action coordinated with specific focused strategies in states and union territories. ”According to the ministry, rational use of research based methods such as Remedisvir, Plasma therapy and Tosilizumab was allowed in the country and other methods were also adopted. The central government is regularly reviewing the aid being provided to the states and union territories. He is also constantly monitoring the availability of oxygen in hospitals and other health centers.

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