Coronavirus Vaccine India Updates: Corona vaccine to come soon! It may cost a thousand rupees in India


new Delhi: Coronavirus has created a furore in the whole world. In almost every major country around the world, thousands of people have died from Corona, while there are millions of people suffering from this deadly virus. In India too, about 12 lakh people are suffering from corona. Meanwhile, a big and comforting news has come about the Kovid-19 vaccine. Many pharma companies in the country are working on Corona, but among them, the Serum Institute of India in Pune is leading the way. According to an information, the institute is now preparing for the trial of the Corona vaccine being prepared at Oxford University. Also Read – Today Coronavirus Vaccine may be announced: The world can get Corona vaccine today! This country was a big success

Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla said that the company is preparing to take a license for the clinical trial of the Oxford University vaccine and the trial will start within a week after getting the license. He said that if everything is right, then next year or before June, Kovid 19 vaccine will come in India. Adar Poonawala said about the price of the vaccine that the company is not thinking about making a profit in the beginning given the situation. So initially it can be priced at Rs 1000. Also Read – ICMR will launch Corona virus vaccine by August 15, know what is the plan

Let me tell you that at this time the whole world is trapped in the web of Corona Mahamar and every country of the world is busy in making a vaccine for the elimination of this deadly virus. At this time, everyone’s eyes are solely on the corona vaccine. However, it is not completely clear yet when the vaccine will arrive and what its actual price will be. Earlier some reports had said that the price of corona vaccine in India can range from Rs 200 to Rs 300. Also Read – WHO Director General claims, corona vaccine may come within a year

Adar Poonawala also said that we are preparing about 300 million doses before the third phase of vaccine trials, this is definitely a risk but if the trial is right then the company will be able to distribute more and more vaccines in a short time.


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