Coronavirus Vaccine Update: You also have a question about the corona vaccine, know all the answers?

Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: The use of the emergency corona vaccine has been approved in the country. In such a situation, it is bound to arise in the minds of the people. There will be many such questions in the minds of people, whose answers they do not have, in such a situation, we are going to give you answers to all those questions, which will usually be arising with the vaccine in everyone’s mind. Also Read – Covid 19 Vaccination: Complete Vaccination Preparations in India, Learn How to Get Vaccine Shot

When will the vaccine come on the market? (When Coronavirus Vacine Available In Market) Also Read – The questions raised on the corona vaccine were taken by the Health Minister, Morcha, Shashi Tharoor and Akhilesh Yadav gave this answer

According to the news and experts, the central government will provide different vaccines according to the states. In some states, the serum vaccine manufactured by Pune will be used, while in some states the vaccine of Bharat Biotech will be used. Tell that during this time it will be recorded according to each person, which vaccine has been given. Let us know that the government is currently buying both vaccines, they will be used for the first line people. A target has been set to deliver this vaccine to 30 million people in the first line by June. Only after the completion of this work, the government will allow the sale of vaccines in the Indian market. Also Read – Vaccine Updates: AIIMS Director said – Bharat Biotech’s ‘Covaxin’ can be used as backup

Will other vaccines be approved (pfizer, Sputnik-V, Moderna Vaccine)

According to experts, these vaccines can also be approved for use in the country. The Russian vaccine Sputnik V is undergoing trials for the use of the vaccine in India, while Pfizer has applied for the use of the vaccine. Let us know that Cadila and many other vaccines are being prepared all over the world which are still in the trial phase. The use of these vaccines may also be approved.

Why so many vaccines? (Why MultiplE Vaccines)

Explain that this is being done because if many vaccines are approved in India, then this will increase the capacity of vaccine production in the country and it will be more easily available to the people and people will be able to buy the vaccine themselves.

How much will Coronavirus Vaccine Price?

Explain that if vaccines manufactured by the Indian company are used, then its price will be less than the foreign manufactured vaccines. However, it also depends on how many vaccines there are in the market.

What is emergency use?

Emergency use of any vaccine means that the entire process of this vaccination will be done under medical and medical supervision. Its good and bad results will also be monitored by doctors. Explain that before the emergency use of any vaccine, it is confirmed whether the vaccine is effective or not. Only then the vaccine is approved for emergency use. If there is a better alternative than the vaccine ever being used, the approval of the emergency vaccine can be withdrawn. On the other hand, if vaccination is successful during emergency use, then it can be given final approval. So that the vaccine can be delivered to everyone.

How many vaccines in India? (How Much Vaccine In India)

Explain that a total of 9 corona virus vaccines are being worked on in the country. Out of this, 2 vaccines have been approved for emergency use and 7 vaccines are in different trial stages.

Will vaccination be free? (Coronavirus Vaccine Is free?)

Please tell that only one crore health workers and two crore frontline workers will be provided free vaccine by the central government. At the same time, no decision has been taken yet about the other 27 crore people who have been targeted to give vaccine shots by June. However, if the state government wishes, then such people can provide vaccines for free.

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