Coronvirus Cases in India: Has India lost the battle to Corona? More than 6 lakh cases found in 21 days


Coronvirus Cases in India: Has the country begun to weaken in the war against Corona? We are not doing this question but the data for the month of July. In July, a record number of corona patients have been found in the country. Within 21 days of this month, more than 6 lakh patients of Corona have been found in the country. From the knocking of Corona in the country till June 30, that is, not even many patients were found in about four months. Also Read – Death rate per million in India is among the lowest in the world: Union Ministry of Health

The figures for July are also questioning the strategy against Corona. As of June 30, there were 5.90 patients of Corona in the country, while six lakh new patients have been found within 21 days of July. In these 21 days, more than 11 thousand people have died due to corona. This figure is 40 percent of the total deaths due to corona. Also Read – Bengaluru Lockdown News: Lockdown will increase in Bengaluru? CM Yeddyurappa will decide today

On Tuesday, 670 people died in the country due to corona. In this way, 28,723 people have died so far. India is ranked seventh in the world in terms of death from corona. On Tuesday, 38444 cases were reported in the country. Whereas more than 40 thousand cases of corona were reported in one day on Sunday. In this way, 11.9 lakh corona patients have been found so far in the country. Out of this, 7.5 lakhs have been cured while 4.1 lakh are still active cases. Also Read – Coronavirus Cases In India: Corona’s havoc continues, more than 37 thousand infected in 24 hours, these states have bad condition

On Tuesday, more than a thousand cases were found in Gujarat in one day, while Rajasthan got the highest number of 983 cases in one day.

On Tuesday, 1349 patients were found in Delhi while 27 people died. The situation in Maharashtra still remains critical. More than eight thousand cases were found in the state on Tuesday.


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