Could DC Allow For Two Versions Of Batman In Its Film World?


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When the unimaginable occurs, does it imply something is feasible? That is the query I am asking as Justice League‘s “Snyder Reduce” will lastly make its debut after a pair years of argument over whether or not it actually existed. Now that it is on the way in which, of us are speaking about what it means for DC, and whether or not which means that Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 is now probably on the desk as properly.

That dialogue is a complete different factor by itself, but it surely’s thrilling to me as a result of it could probably create a scenario that hasn’t occurred earlier than. If Justice League 2 went by way of, we might feasibly have Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck enjoying two separate variations of Batman on the similar time. Is that this one thing DC would truly do? For those that are questioning the identical factor, this is a rundown of DC’s previous with reference to Batman illustration, what the scenario is now and whether or not this might sooner or later be a actuality.

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DC Has Been Very Protecting Of Batman, Will That Change?

In the case of live-action, Batman is among the most protected heroes of the DC world. His picture is sacred, a lot in order that he is seemingly barred from DC’s tv reveals, with solely obscure mentions or portrayals of Bruce Wayne up for grabs. The only exception thus far was Gotham‘s sequence finale, through which the hero was primarily proven in costume by way of fast flashes, adopted by one last full look of the character. That was for a multi-season origin story, and followers solely received one cash shot. He wasn’t even known as Batman!

Primarily based on DC’s techniques with Batman and different heroes and villains DC TV has barred previously, the message appears clear: with just a few exceptions (corresponding to Flash), it would not need a number of variations of those characters current at anyone time in live-action, presumably to stop confusion. I can solely speculate as to why, after all, and additional speculate that if DC wasn’t prepared to maintain a number of variations of the identical hero throughout tv and films, then depicting two of them on movie is not kosher both.

With that being stated, the Batman look in Gotham and Bruce Wayne appearances in different live-action tasks have been a reasonably current pattern. Moreover, The CW is airing Batwoman, which not solely continuously mentions Batman and his well-known adversaries (to not point out, however has additionally lastly proven what Bruce seems to be like. I ought to observe that a whole lot of this coincided with the DC movie world’s lengthy hole on the Batman entrance, the place everybody was making an attempt to determine whether or not Ben Affleck’s Batman was in or out. It may’ve been that absence was why DC allowed this unprecedented quantity of entry, although it perhaps even be an indication that issues are altering.

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However Would not Ben Affleck’s Batman Be Robert Pattinson’s Batman?

Many individuals could do not forget that Robert Pattinson inherited Ben Affleck’s position in The Batman, and could also be curious as to why we’re even discussing the opportunity of two completely different variations of Batman. Whereas the primary half is true, it is essential to know that whereas Pattinson did take over as Batman in The Batman, this film is a completely completely different story.

In addition to seeing the eponymous protagonist conflict with Deathstroke and go to Arkham Asylum, it is attainable that Ben Affleck’s The Batman would have explored the demise of Robin, which was vaguely referenced in Batman v. Superman. Nonetheless, that model of the story by no means received off the bottom, and as soon as Affleck handed off the script he was writing to Matt Reeves, DC had already determined to step away from the thought of its shared universe. Reeves’ imaginative and prescient, which began from scratch, has been described as a noir-driven detective movie that won’t be immediately tied to previous DCEU films.

This is able to imply that the Robin story advised in Batman v. Superman is out, however the concept that there may nonetheless be DCEU connections is attention-grabbing. The implication could be that this Batman is one way or the other tied into the occasions of the DCEU at giant, regardless of being solely faraway from it and being a totally completely different Batman. I am undecided how that might work contemplating there is a completely different Detective Gordon or every part, however perhaps he is a part of a multiverse Ezra Miller’s Flash can go to.

A multiverse could be the way in which for DC to have two solely separate Batmen, but nonetheless be related tangentially. This does not essentially must be a scenario the place it is one or the opposite, and each may co-exist in new films if Warner Bros. and every respective actor was prepared to take action. That is very true with a disconnected hero universe, as a result of let’s keep in mind, the inexperienced gentle of the Snyder Reduce would not essentially imply a shared universe is again on.

Robert Pattinson Batman

Could 2 Completely different Versions Of Batman Exist In DC Film Universe?

Whereas it might be disappointing to some that there isn’t any connection between Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck’s Batman, that is truly a profitable scenario from either side of the Snyder Reduce argument. If this model of Justice League is so good that it will get a sequel will get the inexperienced gentle, Ben Affleck’s Batman is free to return with no ties to the brand new Batman script written by Matt Reeves.

Of course, getting Ben Affleck to return to play Batman shall be a distinct story. The actor will not must return for reshoots, and he was candid that the position brought on him to wrestle with alcoholism. I can not think about he’d be prepared to sacrifice his well-being simply to make Justice League 2 occur. Of course, issues may change, or Warner may recast him (once more) if Justice League 2 was severely going to occur. So long as Robert Pattinson did not change into Affleck’s Batman (which would not make sense), the opportunity of having two completely different Batmen on the similar time is alive.

However as I’ve talked about a number of instances already, simply because some issues can occur does not imply they will. Jared Leto was greater than prepared to reprise Joker, and now his model of the character (minus requires the Ayer reduce of Suicide Squad) appears misplaced within the wind, and it is all about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. I might assume a whole lot of the choice making will fall right down to how properly the Snyder Reduce and The Batman are acquired, after which DC will decide on whether or not there’s room in its film world for 2 completely different variations of Batman.


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Would you could have an issue with DC sustaining movie franchises with two separate variations of batman concurrently? Share all ideas within the feedback beneath, and as at all times, make sure you stick to CinemaBlend for all the newest and best taking place in tv and films.



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