COVAXIN effective or not? Vaccine will be given to 50% of 1000 people in Phase 3 trial: Dr. Rao


In phase 3, if COVAXIN is effective enough to prevent the disease. Out of 1000 people recruited to give vaccine to 50% of them & placebo to others: India is set to conduct a third-stage trial of COVAXIN vaccine to prevent biotech corona virus infection. 1000 people have been recruited for its trial. In Phase 3, researchers will see if COVAXIN is effective enough to prevent the disease. Of these, 50 percent will be given COVAXIN vaccine and 50 percent will be given Plesibo vaccine. Also Read – 33 trainee IAS officers met positive at Corona at Civil Services Training Academy, Mussoorie

Dr. E. Venkata Rao, Principal Investigator of COVAXIN Testing in Bhubaneswar said, “In Phase 3 we will see if COVAXIN is effective enough to prevent the disease.” Out of the 1000 people admitted, we will give 50% of them and others the vaccine for placebo. Dr. is posted in Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital. Also Read – Corona cases increase in Madhya Pradesh, more than 1500 new cases came out

Bharat Biotech has admitted that its coronavirus vaccine covaxin had an adverse event during a Phase 1 trial in August when a patient was hospitalized with a dose of the vaccine candidate. However, Pharma later clarified that it reported the incident within 24 hours.

An adverse event occurred during the trial in the first phase during August 2020 and was reported to CDSCO-DCGI within 24 hours of its occurrence and confirmation. The adverse event was intensively investigated and determined as not related to the vaccine, Bharat Biotech issued a statement.


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