Covid-19 test in India: most investigation of Kovid-19 in India after US: Trump


Covid-19 test in India: US President Donald Trump, while referring to the efforts being made by his administration to deal with the corona virus, said that America is the first and India second in terms of number of Covid-19 investigations in the world. Is on So far, more than 140,000 people have lost their lives to Kovid-19 in the US and 38 lakh cases of infection have been reported. Also Read – India Ideas Summit: PM Modi will address today from international stage, this step is towards making a better India

“We mourn as a family for those killed due to the infection,” Trump said at a news conference held at the White House several weeks later to report the corona virus. I pledge in his honor that we will make vaccines and defeat the virus. We are doing better in the direction of making vaccines and finding medical diagnoses. ” Also Read – Coronvirus Cases in India: Has India lost the battle to Corona? More than 6 lakh cases found in 21 days

Trump said, “We’ve learned a lot about the virus. We know who is in danger and we will protect them. ” Also Read – Death rate per million in India is among the lowest in the world: Union Ministry of Health

Trump assured that the corona virus vaccine would arrive much earlier than expected.

In response to a question regarding the investigation of Kovid-19, he said that America is ‘at the forefront’.

He said, “We will soon cross the five crore mark. The second is India, which has done 1.2 million investigations. I think we are investigating extensively. “

At the same time, in response to another question, he said that the condition of the virus can become worse before it gets better. He said, “It can, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better.”

During this time, Trump also called the virus ‘Chinese virus’ many times. The President also appealed to wear masks and maintain social distance. He said, “Whether you like it or not, but it is benefitting.”


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